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    :bongin: SMOKIN' ASH  :bongin: 
    The Setup
    Closet Space: 3'(long) x 2'(deep) x 10'(tall)​
    Number of Plants: 2-3 (2 female, 1 unsexed)​
    300W LED, Generic, China(Ebay $120.00)​
    2 Fans: One from Walmart ($20) and one from K-mart ($30)(Using house A/C as ventilation)​
    3 Gallon Smart Pots( $5/Pot Ebay)​
    2mm Mylar($20.00 Ebay)​
    Nutes: Dyna Gro(Grow) Dyna Gro(Bloom)(Ebay $30.00)​
    Seeds: Attitude($70 for 4 seeds)(Girl Scout Cookies)(Kush'N'Cheese) Feminized​
    (There is also one seed we found in a half zip we bought, calling it...GREEN GOBLIN..M/F? IDK YET)​
    Goal: Yield a Half Pound Dry!!!
    They are 2 weeks in, and I will be updating pics every two weeks. Thanks!
    Techniques: FIM!, Super Cropping, LST, & Lollipopping 
    UPDATE: Will be making a SCROG to maximize yield


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  2. I'll follow this for sure! :hello: :smoke:
  3. An hp? You sure?

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  4. You will not get a half pound from that light.
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    If you weigh it wet with the roods, stalk, stem,buds and leaves wet you might get a half pound. LOL
    I bet you get closer to 1-2 ounces.
    You need a lot more light and space to get a half pound of dried bud.
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    Yeah man, your only limiting factor is the ~150w draw LED.
    I will tell you though I got a half pound with 4 plants in my 3x3x6 tent my first time doing it with actual equipment, so it is possible. However I was using a 600w HID.

    Ah, didn't see you're only going to have 2-3 plants. Well it'll take a shit ton of training and veg, but you may be able to do it.
  7. an ounce or two....pshhh..everyone doubts this light but it seems to be doing very well
    I will
    That's what I was thinking also. But I'm going to try and create a large canopy and have missiles for colas and then use supports..probably veg for close to 2 months.
  8. Your rootball will still be limited to 3gal, your still limited to 150w of light and even photo plants flower during a certain time frame so your just taking energy that could be a few massive colas and turning them into a bunch of whispy buds.
  9. What do you mean they flower during a certain time frame? You can veg plants for a year if you wanted.
  10. I mean once you start to flower. If you have 100 colas under a tiny led they wont fatten up by the end of flower.
  11. Fair enough, even if he had the branching to get a half pound there is no way the footprint and penetration would keep up.
  12. 3 plants in 3 gallon bags of dirt, 150 watts... You will be damn lucky to get 2 ounces with a long ass veg.
    Yea, you will not hit 1.4 grams per watt with dirt and cheaper LED.
    Also grow space 10 feet tall is no help, you dont want tall plants, the bottom grows practically nothing.
    Anything 2 feet from the light is getting almost nothing. There for you just waste time growing tall plants without lights that have some horsepower.
  13. And we don't even know if its 150w actual draw. Could be <100.
  14. And the dirt clod attached to the root ball!
    I've seen 4+ ounces pulled from 2 plants, from a 90W UFO...So if you want to get on here and talk shit look up some other grows.
  16. okay subbed , lets see some magic !!!!
    What was the exact setup if you don't mind ?
    Oh yea? Well I grew a 17 pounds with a 23W CFL, I had to tie them to the ceiling with chain to hold them up. Had to put out drip trays all around under the plants to catch the pure hash oil that dripped from the buds. 200% TCH I sold it all in trade for and Island and a Sea plane and a yacht that came with a crew of sexy models. 
  18. Setup - DWC
    Light – 90w LED UFO and 65w CFL 
    Nutrients – Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 
    Medium - Grodan Rockwool and Peat Moss
    PPM – Not measure 
    PH – 5.9
    Room Temperature -78 to 84
    Solution Temperature - Not measure
    Room Square Footage – 4ft x 4ft
  19. Growing this under a "shitty led" don't listen to all the negative talk. If you know what your doing its possible.

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