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    Ok so I thought I would chronicle my grow for shits and giggles if nothing else. I've got 3 auto blue plants growing in a small closet in 3 gal phat sacks and fox farm happy frog soil. They are under a 2ft 6 lamp T5 with mixed bulbs and a 125 watt cfl 6500k.

    Strain :Autoblue from seedmakers

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  2. looks like a sweet set up but i confused y the big cfl is there standing up on the side
  3. I don't have a way to hang it up yet, will soon but as of right now it's doing pretty well. I've had the 6 bulb ballast for a while. I got that big cfl just a couple of days ago after the set up was up and running. I plan to update with pictures of the plants every tuesday.
  4. if you dont mind my imput i would hang it how it is now just horizontal instead of vertical so you dont waste as much light with it pointing up
  5. These are the nutes im using but not shown is the organic miracle grow i've been feeding it very slight trace amounts of, high in nitrogen. They seem to love it. I've got an air pump and bubble stone mixing the nutes and air into the water. The above picture by the way are at almost 2 weeks old (a couple days off from 2 full weeks). They popped out of the soil on a tuesday morning so I figured I would take a new picture every tuesday and post!

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  6. I would love as much imput as I can get! I plan on hanging it that way when I get to HTG Supplies and pick up a new set of hangers. I tried to rig some thing to hang it when I first got it but it didn't work out so well lol. All together it was a good buy on amazon though.
  7. What size is it again cuz it looks just like the one I bought from azon and mine is 125 watt
  8. oops! it is a 125 watt not sure why I put 45 lol. How do you like yours? I've only had it for a few days now.
  9. I am waiting on seeds still :-( so I cant comment at the moment I knows its bright as hell I really excited to actually use it

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  10. What seeds you got coming? seedmakers has some cheap seeds, thats why I went with them but I know they are a rather new company and theres not alot of info out there on them yet but I figured I'd find out for my self. As for the light it is bright as hell! Gets a whole lot warmer then my T5.
  11. I agree I am having heat issues with dry runs and I have short stuff snowryder, vision white widow auto, and vision super skunk auto and yes im an auto guy and all but snowryder are fems
  12. Start of week 3 and im seeing some hairs pop up all over the place! The girls are growing fast. I thought they would be a little bigger before they started blooming but they look healthy and perfect.

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  13. Nice grow. I'm at 5 weeks and they are a half the size of yours. Check out my grow
  14. auto blue is that the strain name?
  15. Yes autoblue is the name, from seedmakers. Good price but not alot of info out there on them but at the price I thought I would try it out. Seedmakers say 55 days from seed to harvest im sure it'll take a lil longer then that but a very fast strain either way.

  16. can't find a link to your grow nutrisystem.
  17. Seedmaker I checked em out but thet dont have much selection but very good prices

  18. Yeah so far the plants have grown healthy, quick and easy so no complaints so far. I just hope the end product is some quality smoke. If it all ends up good i'll be happy to spread the word about their company. I also bought akauto from them and got a few freebies from it as well so pretty good bang for my buck. They sold out of autoblue and a few others on Additude so I know im not the only one growing them :p
  19. Ya how was the shipping charges amd descrete-ness

  20. Can't remember exact price for shipping but it wasn't bad, typical over seas charge. Spent 2 extra dollars on crush proof tin. It was very discrete, when it showed up I didn't even know what it was lol.

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