First Grow : 2009

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  1. Hey everyone this im Nebbie. Some of you know me so of you dont. But anyway I am starting this thread to track my first grow progress and where I can post my answers instead of posting a new thread everytime.

    What I have so Far :

    I am using 4 bag seeds.
    They are 2 weeks old (From when they sprouted).
    4 - 30 watt 6500k lights and 1 15 watt flor.
    They are on a 24 hour lighting.
    They are about 4 inches away from the lights (diffrent from what I have in the pictures I have since moved them closer).
    I water them about a half a cup every day under the leafs as well.

    Problems so far :

    There has been some small tiny spiders very tiny and fast. I dont know what to do.
    The stems are weak or at least I think so. (did put a fan on them today).

    I plan to post at least every couple day so please check back and give tips.

    Thanks, Nebbie



  2. Bump some advice.
  3. looks good to me, as long as the spiders arnt eating your plants, dont worry. id try to hang that 15w up instead of sitting on pot. u can make a natural pest spray if u like, to kill any bugs, look in organic section
  4. I am thinking of moving these into a grow closet that I plan on making.
  5. Hey Good 4 U and Good Harvest ! I'm new but I decided to start my own little experiment go to my link and check it out.

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