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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lllooolll, May 28, 2010.

  1. 2 weeks through flower, try to get pics again without crashing, must be doing something wrong

    4x23w cfl
    220w led
    humboldt naturals nutes

    small space



  2. hey dude looks good, & thats with only the 4 low watt CFL's you listed? nothing else? seems bloddy good, but i only used CFL for few weeks when i first started lol
  3. pretty sure the CFLs have done the most work, but there is a 220 watt led fixture, mixture of blue and red lights. I plan to get a 150w HPS fixture for a seperate box, and use that to veg out. Need to get to building though and saving the money to go pick up the light fixture.

    I have had issues with ph and nutes earlier in the growth, i think i got it under control though. Haven't killecd it yet and there are lil buds poppin all over it. Have kept up on manicuring it the best I can and tying it out of its way for best light penetration. I dunno, any way to guess at this rate what I could end up with?
  4. ah i read about the LED it just didnt go in lol,PH issues can be a right shitter to get under control glad u got em sorted lol, im usless at guessing yeilds so i dont bother, plus any1 can only really take a 'guess', but if you want to increase your yeild you could always add more light, or the 150 hps will MAJORLY increase it
  5. Would like to squeeze at least more cfls into the veg box but that would take some serious thinking. Could put them on stands from the opposite corners of the fans. I really should take that white fan out and put another one of those tiny ones in there. I usually have the lid to it cracked a bit during on hours so the air doesn't get stale in there.

    Really need to get on rounding up stuff to build a flower cabinet, or do something to give it the room it wants. Right now its all I can do to keep the branches down but not smashed into the side of teh walls.

    Have been mulling over getting some autoflowering strains, hear they like to stay short, maybe could fit two in there if I rearranged things and what not. Maybe square pots.

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