First Glass piece!

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  1. This is the transition for me from homemade crap to a real pipe! :hello:
    I love it

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  2. very nice, does she have a name? How does she hit?
  3. i'm diggin the colours :) how much it run ya?
  4. I look those colors, sweet glass man.
  5. Su nombre es "El DIABLO" haha
  6. very nice.
  7. hahah that fits perfectly!
  8. It was a moderate price, 25$.
    I think I couldve gotten a cheaper one but i liked the style of this one
    and it hits pretty well too :smoking:
  9. haha yeah it really its a laugh everytime i use it
  10. My buddy has what looks to be an identicaly bowl, except its blue and orange. Turn it over so your looking at the back on the bowl, and tell me it looks like shreks face! (Only the shape and one ear, no eyes or anything lol). Shrek is the name of his bowl because of it.
  11. haha thats a sweet name. But unfortunately, no shrek under mine :(
  12. looks nice! happy smoking :smoke:

  13. thanks! Will do :hippie:

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