First frost, should I pull them? Frozen Bud PICS!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ranger2339, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. So we got our first frost last night, should I pull them? They need some more time and its going to be nice here for a week atleast, says the weather man. I went to check on them and the tops have a nice little frost on them? Just looking for some quick advice..

    I should have covered them, but dropped the ball on that one.


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  2. is that crystals on the top or frost? if that is frost idk if u can bring them inside. or something. u need to do something. because that is a large frost build up. which can kill the plant relatively quick. Cover it. or move it inside. either way. keep it off the plants!
  3. That is frost from last night, it will warm up today and melt. The plants are in the ground and can not be moved..

    Is it to late to cover them for the next frost, IE tonight? Is this frost going to kill the buds?

    Should I pull it?

  4. You'll know by the end of the day if they'll live or die. If they make it today I'd definately cover them at night
  5. ^^ I like that response. ahaha. yea. frost is frost. doesnt matter if it's a night. cannabis has a low frost resistance. I have heard of cases that they die after one. ive heard people makin it through it!

  6. Went back down there a sprayed them with some warm water to get the frost off. There in the sun now and looking fine, only time will tell.

    The weather here is supposed to be great for atleast a weak, high 70's and lows 50's,so I want to keep to growing if I can.

  7. yea. i could see why keeping them growing is the best option ;)
  8. I would certainly cover them if theres a threat of frost again, better to give them a fighting chance.
  9. So they're looking good today.. I will be covering them from now on, they need as much time as they can get.
  10. Good luck on them living!

    Do you have others? You sound pretty calm for someone losing plants that big :confused:

  11. I have more plants with an indoor grow, I want to see how long I can let this one go without it dieing, so far so good. I covered it up last night. It is supposed to be nice here for a week or longer, so hope that's enough time for her to finish up.

    If anybody cares the plant is a Ramulan.


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