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First Ever Grow! Please opinions, tips and ideas.

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by smoosh, May 17, 2010.

  1. looks like minor problems resulting from heat stress. the 600w seems to be doing more harm than good with these temps. and i'm currently out of ideas
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    I have a couple of ideas on the way. What did you see that let you know is heat stress? How do you identify it?

    What I found on heat stress was that it streches the plant, airy buds, and slows growth. Could you give me more info?

    Thanks bro! :)
  3. Hey there - Couple of thoughts for ya.

    1 - If I understand and have read properly (I did some you're starting seeds under a 600W HPS. That's some pretty intense light for seedlings man, that and your causing yourself a bunch of heat issues that you would not have if you used some sort of Fluorescent for seed starting (CFL, T5, etc.). I'm not saying you can't use the HPS, you can, but you'd want it WAAAAAY high up and possibly diffused for the babies. In my humble opinion your costing yourself money running the HPS that you don't need to be spending to get seeds started.

    2 - Your temps, I know you know they are out of range. For around $100.00 you can get a 6" ducted hood and exhaust that extra heat from the bulb much more efficiently. If you're going to flower in that tent as well, invest in proper ventilation (exhaust and fresh intake). Your plants will thank you.

    3 - I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but your hygrometer is also showing your humidity at 99% at times..this is also WAAAAY high and invites a whole host of new problems. Humidity is OK to be in the higher ranges during vegetative growth, higher being...55% - 70% range. I do not let mine get above 55% in Veg, flower never above 50%. That much moisture is going to lead to mold, gnats, mildew, etc. Proper ventilation will help if not fix this problem. If you get to flower and have humidity issues like the one's your seeing now, your gonna cry when you go out to your room and see moldy buds.

    4 - Watering...your plants do seem to be over watered from the images you posted here and in the infirmary. I read somewhere earlier in your thread where someone told you to let the first half inch of soil go dry, then water thoroughly. If you do that, your going to over water every time. Water when the top 2" of soil is dry. If you aren't sure and the plant looks fine, wait another day. They aren't going to die, if they get a little too dry by the next day they might look a little saggy, but a watering will perk them right back up. I see you've transplanted to dixie cups now, I use those and they make watering can 'feel' when the plant needs water by the weight of the cup. Hold it when it's dry, then water it until you get run off. You'll learn the weight of your cups and know just by picking it up if it needs a drink.

    5 - Someone else already stated that you had a LOT of light for that small tent. I'm not sure how many or how big you want them to get, but a 400W HPS should more than cover what you can grow in that tent, keep your heat problems in check, etc. If you want to stick with the 600, make sure you really get that ventilation issue worked out.

    I hope that info helps you out man, that's a nice op your setting up and you should be able to pull some nice dank nugs with proper setup and care.

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    Well I started seedlings with 600W MH. I noticed it was very intense and put them under a normal house light for a couple of days before putting them back on the MH. I was planning on buying a 4 lamp 2' foot F24T5HO 6500k fluorescent T5 for next time (but it looks like I am going to have to spend some $ that I dont have on a new 400w lamp).:(

    I already did this check out some of my pics from this weekend on page 4.

    Well it was on 30% or lower before. I added two humidifiers to help. Took them out since they coused more heat and I don't need them anymore. Now is form 35-55% range wih I hope is ok.:eek:

    Yeah I noticed this yesterday. I bought a MJ garden saver book and read it and noticed they had over watering symtoms. I was watering them every day! But that will certainly change now. ;)

    This will be my vegetative light and a/c regime once my timer arrives:

    -Lights will turn on at 5pm.

    -A/c will turn on at 4:45pm-6pm, 7:30-8, 9:30-10pm, 11:30-12am, 1:30-2am, 3:30-4am, 5:30-6am, 7:30-8am, 9:30-10am, 11-11:15am, 1-1:15, and 3-3:30pm.

    -Lights off at 11am.

    I will monitor temps after this to let you guys know if I should just just buy a 400w and get this over with. Would it really make that much a diference to spend the extra $? I am really out of budget but, if its really worth it I say fuck it and have it here in two weeks. Another bad part is I would not know what to do with the 600w MH/HPS.

    Thanks for all that info you really touch some details that are going to help a lot! I know I will make this work! At least smoke a joint for the first time of my own! Even if it is not that good jajaja!

    If I make this possible it will be because of all who posted on this journal!!! :smoke:
  5. I would go for the T5, you can see how well they work in my thread if you have doubts. I use a 4', 8 lamp T5 for veg and keeping my mom's going. It kicks ass.

    55% humidity is still too high, you want it under 50% for flower or your chances for problems increase. Who knows, you might not have issues. I try to mitigate risks as the investment made in successful grows is not chump change to me, I want my shit right, I don't want to grow ragweed so I mitigate risks.

    I water my dixie's on average every other day, sometimes every 3rd day if for some reason they didn't use it It looks like your using a good amount of perlite to help with drainage so I would think, especially with your temps in the higher range, that you would be watering every other day.

    If you can control your environment with the 600watter, don't' change it until you can afford it. It's not going to kill you, it's just overkill for that tent and makes it more of a pain in the ass to keep things within optimum operating temps.

    Hope this helps. Once you get your environment dialed in the rest is gravy man :):D
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    This defenily help! :D

    I will be more careful with water from now on. Humidity only increases to 55% when I mist a lot of water around to help temp and 55% is the maximum and it does not stays like that for long. I was misting because they where still seedlings. But most of the time its just aound 40%.

    I will wait till day 21 to start adding some Foxfarms grow big and Big Bloom following their schedual on the web:

    Let me know if this would not be optimal.

    I know this is my first grow but, I also want my shit right! jejeje

    So I realy apriciate the help and would really like for you stick around. :hello:

    I will make you guys proud! :D
  7. Don't follow that

    Schedules are designed to sell nutrients...Cut the formula by at least half to start. I cut in thirds (although I do not use Fox Farms anymore, I started with it, but I use Botanicare now) with Fox Farms to start. If you have good soil, your plants really aren't going to need much nutes in the beginning. People going hydro start nutes earlier than in soil because there's nothing in the water. Soil plants, I almost never feed full strength (with the exception of my moms) in veg. I feed if the plant asks for food, if it's kicking ass and growing nicely without nutes and no deficiencies are starting to show then I do not add nutrients. If you are using RO water, I would suggest picking up some CalMag to add beneficial minerals back into the water that get stripped during the RO process.

    Will check back in soon and see if I missed anything, it's the end of the day for me at work and I'm looking forward to getting da fook outta here! :wave:
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    Whats RO water? I am using destilled. :)

    Would the 400w really make a lot of diference in temp?
  9. Reverse Osmosis...If your buying distilled, go to the .35 a gallon water things outside most stores and buy RO water...distilled is expensive!
  10. Hello,

    Well I have a 64x20x36 grow tent with a 600w hps/mh. I having temps in the 80F & 90F range. The normal room temp during the day is around 90F and 87F at night without a/c. I am thinking on buying a 400w to replace the 600w but before I do that I would like some info.

    I know 600w is overkill in this space but, replacing it with a 400w would make a significant change in temp considering normal room temp?

    What you guys think?

  11. I can buy a 250w or 400w lamp but, would it make a difference when outside temp in the street and inside the room is around 89F during the day and 81F at night?

    I already have a air cooled hood connected to a high velocity fan.

    Any ideas of approximately how many difference in degrees would I be looking at?

    Would it be a significant difference on my crop?

    Someone who knows better than me please give me your opinion.
  12. If the ambient temperature is ~89 degrees, then your tent will be at least 89 degrees no matter how good your ventilation. The lower wattage lights will create less heat, so yes it will make a difference, but not enough to get you below the 80s range.
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    Day 16

    Well I added a timer for a/c. Light turn on from 5pm to 11am.

    This is the a/c schedual:
    On for an hour 4:45pm to 5:45pm, then after that will turn on and off every half hour till 10:45am next day where it will turn off for 15min till 11am and on again as soon light are off for 15min till 11:15am where it will stay off to 4:45pm to repeat cycle.

    So far since yesterday temps:
    -Max 88F inside tent but it is usually lower this is max.
    -Outside tent room temp max 85F.

    I will add a second fan in the room to blow air from a/c closer to tent.

    I think this is a very good improvement. With a/c minimum temp lowers to 72F & 75F but usually is 78F inside tent with a/c on and 86F with a/c off.

  14. Day 16 pics

    Guys how are my babies in 16 days?

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    the last one and a little purple something I was smoking from a friend. :smoking:

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  16. Everything looks good. Have you tackled those temps yet?:hello:
  17. Hello GC!!!!

    Ive been away for a couple of weeks bc I got a new job and had to move away. Right now I am in the USA and this will be my new home along with my new job.

    A frind of mine is still taking care of the girls. I give him instructions by phone and he sends me pictures.

    We are using Fox Farm Nutes.

    Some good news is that where I live I have a lot of resources that I didn't have back home!!! I don't have to order anything by mail now!!!:hello:

    Well this are some pic taken on monday:

    Day: 37

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  18. here are some more!!

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  19. and the rest... Let me know what you guys think of them for being more than a month old.

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  20. so what you guys think? :)

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