First Ever Grow! Please opinions, tips and ideas.

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  1. Hi everyone, first post here after reading a lot! Love the site I was an mbr so this would be my new home.

    Finaly started growing on my own! Yeeeeeyyy!!

    This is what I have:
    -600w MH & HPS conversion
    -64x20x36 Grow Tent
    -3 thermormeter & humidity gauges
    -Two 4" Inline Duct Fan rated at 80 CFM
    -GrowBright 6" Inline Fan uses 110 watts and pushes 424 cfm of air
    -Variable Speed Blower Control unit
    -Two clip-on fans
    -Small fan on the floor
    -Two humidifirers to mantain 60-65% humidity
    -Jiffy seed starter mix

    Right now I am running 18/6 hours light and plan to switch to 24 once seedling gain strengh.

    Temperature is about 89F with about 70% humidity onthe floor where the seedling are with two humidifires running while light is on. WHen light is off temp drops below 80 and humidity encrease to 80%. Is this optimal or ok?

    Can I use the Jiffy seed starting mix up to harvest as soil?

    Can I use 20-20-20 veg nutes or something else?

    Right now I got like 11 germinated seeds under the 600w MH. And I just started to water them with a sprayer with destilled water gallon water with 2 drops of Superthrive. Opinion on this?

    See the pics and let me know your opinions, tips, recomendations, and ideas please!

    I will keep my log here :D


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    How close can I put my 600w MH?

    As you can see temp around lamp level is 90.3F with 67% humidity and seedling level (floor) 88.1F with 72% humidity.

    I heard temp and humidity supposed to be at 70 to 90 degrees and 60-65% humidity for optimal level during veg.

    This is with two humidifyers running during lights are on (18hours).

    Tomorrow I will post maximum and minimum temp & humidity levels in a 24 hour period.

    So what you think about this?

    I know I can find good help here on my first grow. Feel free to ask questions or comment please! :hello:


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  3. Good mornig! Comments apriciated. :)
  4. Well today after I get out of work I will transplant one of them to a little bigger cup because it is too long and will ad more soil.

    Will post again after that with pics! :smoking:
  5. Hi everyone,

    Can some help me with this please?

    I really like the texture on the seed starting jiffy mix. Can I use the Jiffy seed starting mix up to harvest?

    Also how close do you guys recomend to put 600w mh to these plants?


  6. hey this is my first grow to.. I'm into like the 6 day and just transplanted in fox farm ocean forest...about ur lighting measure with the back of ur hand.. if the back of ur hand can stand the heat then ur plants can 2
  7. Hey bro,

    Thanks for the reply! So I will lower the light then :).

    I will take pictures of different soil they sell here in walmart and home depot so you guys can give your opinion.

    Can't wait to get home and give them some love! :p
  8. Well here is the update! I took everything out of the tent and dry it and clean it all.

    I transplant and while transplanting I noticed one of them had a green little worm eating it. So I kill it. After transplanting I water them with water plus two drop of superthirve per galllon mix.

    Max temp/humidity 98.2F/99% and minimum 72F/45%.

    I have Einstein neem oil. Can I add this to my destilled water/superthrive mix that I feed daily?


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  9. Common guys! Help, comments, etc... Would really be apriciated!

    It's my first time and I am alone on this. :confused:

  10. where did u get that temp/hum thermo at?? i need 1
  11. Hey smoosh, nice setup you have there. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it looks like you went out and spent a good amount of $ before doing all the research. But thats what GC is for right? :p Well I'll point out a few things...

    The Jiffy seed starting mix can be used, but its not the best. You need more perlite and vermiculite in the soil to help aeration and drainage.

    The 20-20-20 fertilizer you have is ok for vegging. Once again, not the best, but usable, UNLESS it's a time release fertilizer. I HIGHLY recommend you avoid using slow release fertilizers that 'feed for months' because you can't flush your soil if there are time release fertilizers.

    Your temps are WAY high. Whoever told you 70-90 is plain wrong. Cannabis can and does grow in those temperatures (in the wild), but optimal temps are 70-75 F with a 10-15 degree drop at night (or lights off).

    IMO 600W is WAAAY overkill for 20x36". A 250w or 400w would have sufficed, with lower temps to worry about. It would help if you had a cooltube or an air-cooled hood, but...

    Are you even using your in-line 6" fan? If not, you REALLY need to start. Also, where are you venting to? The pic looks like the fan is just sitting on top of your tent. If that's what I'm seeing, it's not going to work. You need to vent air out the closet and pull in fresh air. Pushing hot air into the area you're pulling air from isn't good.

    And what does the bottle of Einstein Neem Oil say to do with it?

  12. You should not be watering or feeding daily. When you water, water thoroughly and let drain (this is why you need perlite/vermiculite). If you do this you should only need to water every 4-5 days.

  13. Hey bud,
    got it on eBay :)
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    Holynazi....dude you are awsome!!

    This exactly what I needed! Well I will remove the wood I have on the top of the tent to fit exhaust tubes. This tent has some intake tubes on the back but the wall does not let me put the 4" inline fans I ordered. So right now the opening in the bottom is all I have. This really worries me.

    Any ideas? :(

    The 6" exhaust fan is not always on high but now it will. There is also air conditioning on that room and when it's on temp lowers to low 80 to high 70.

    When plants get bigger does this help lower temp?

    I transplanted yesterday to bigger cups with the seed starting jiffy mix and perlite equal parts and it help a lot on drainage! But it still needed more water today in the morning. I will see how this changes in upcoming couple of days.

    I really apriciate your time for reply! :)
  15. Update: Day 6

    Well yesterday I transplant to bigger cups. I had to water them in the morning and when I came from work they where dry again. It got to be the heat. Max temp from yesterday was 98F and minimum 72F. Humidity is at max 99% and low 45%.

    They look lot stronger today! I am really happy :D but still worried about high temp and air intake.

    I will leave 6" exhaust fan on high untill tomorrow afternoon to see what would be the highest temp. This weekend will make room to install 6" tube that would be connected to the exhaust fan to vent air out of the closet. If temp still get too hot after this I would have to consider turning on air conditioning during the day at least a couple of hours with a timer.

    Still looking foe ideas on air intake.

    Still very optimistic can't wait for tomorrow! :D

    How does my plants look for day 6?


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  16. I'm guessing that closet door is normally closed and the tent normally zipped. Is the ballast inside the closet as well?

    Simply put, you can't keep that space enclosed and well ventilated. You have to create more of an opening than the slits on that closet. IF this is still not an option, you will have to aim your exhaust so it runs parallel to the slits/grill and place all your fans as close as possible to the door. You also need to find somewhere else to house the ballast cause its generating a ton of heat. I'm not sure how much heat the humidifiers generate, but you could do without those as well IMO. I would suggest seeing what your humidity and temps are without them. Lastly, if you are running a 18/6 schedule, turn your lights off during the hottest part of the day (maybe 11am-5pm).

  17. hmmm great idea! I will remove ballast from closet. Closet doors are almost always open with a big fan moving air towards inside.

    Right now timer is set to turn off lights at 12am to 6am. I will change that to 11am-5pm today!

    I heard 60%-65% humidity when veging and 50% when flowering. I will start using only one humidifier during these couple of days and see how it goes and get better reads.

    A) If I turn off one humidifier humidity tends to drop below 60% and even below 50%. Is this ok?

    Thanks bro!
  18. I've honestly never been too concerned with my humidity. I would guess that vegging plants would fare better with a higher humidity and flowering plants would be better under low humidity to prevent mold/mildew/bud rot. I've also heard a drier, arid climate causes more trichrome/resin production to protect the buds. I've also heard this about UVB lights. But to answer your question, I think you will be fine under 50%.

    Wish I had more experience and experiments under my belt.
  19. Day: 7

    Hey all,

    Well I am really worried about temp now. But certainly I will figure it out. These are the max and minimum temp since yesterday:

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    Day 7

    Well my friend and me did a couple of things to try lower heat. I took the ballast out of the closet, put light timer from 11am to 5pm to off, added a fan to the upper side 6" hole of the tent, and got two fans trying to push air through the side but are not connected to the tent. They just puch air thorugh the side and in the back where a small opening is.

    The air is coming inside. I can put a paper on the vent inside the tent and it blows a bit.

    This might not do much but will see max and minimum temp tomorrow. I hope it helps. Still thinking... :)

    Here are some pics:

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