First ever grow. PC Case using CFL.

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    Hey all!

    This is my first ever grow. I'll try to supply as much pics/info as I can, not only so I can share my experience, but also gather help and info so I can grow it right.

    I originally decided on a PC case, but the vertical height seems very limiting, so I'm gonna start prepping a grow box that should work out better. I'll expand on that later...

    Here's a pic of the current setup.


    I think this will work for the seedling stage, but pretty soon I plan to move into the bigger box. I'm running two 6500K 26W CFL bulbs, and 3 case fans. (60mm Intake, 120mm Intake, and 92mm Exhaust, all run from a 12V 1.5A power adapter.)

    So...I planted last night. I'm working with Blueberry Permafrost (feminized seeds). This is bagseed from my latest batch. I've got one in the pot, and 2 more germing. (I got impatient after the first 24 hours of the first germ, but it came through anyways.) :hello:

    In my next post I'll go over my idea for the new grow box. Also, I'll post more pictures after it sprouts.

    Until then, keep toking! :smoke:
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    Day 4

    A sprout! It seems to be leaning a bit....wonder if the pH is to blame. I've been reading 7.0-7.1 with my crappy $15 meter. I'm thinking about finding a better one... The soil is still moist, so I'm holding out on water for today.

    Here's some new pics.

    First pic is from Day 3, and the second is Day 4.



    I'm gonna stay with the PC case for a few more days, I plan to start fabricating the new grow box tonight.
  3. Ok, now on to my new setup.

    Here's what I'm thinking... I have a small cabinet which is around 3.75 cuft.
    (approx 45" H x 15" W x 15" D )

    I plan to make a stealth grow box with this as my pc case has to many crevices in which light can penetrate. I will use the same power strip from the PC and use a shelve to raise and lower the light as needed.

    My main queries center around light trapping, ventilation, and odor control.

    - How high should the exhaust fan be mounted?
    - I have some carbon filters purchased from the pet store. Should I use these on all holes in the box? or only the exhaust?
    - Will that be enough to cover the odor of a mature plant? or should I get Ona Gel as well? I was also think of planting a spice bed on the windowsill. I bet some fresh Lemon Sage and Thyme would help out...
    - I plan to use the PVC elbows, but I can only see using them on the inside of the box for stealth purposes. What width is good?

    I'll be posting a picture of the box later on. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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