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    A few of my friends and I planted a few seeds from "seedy weed" that we were going to make edibles out of in an old milk jug with some "run of the mill" soil from my yard (we at least compost and mix it in with the soil). Later they sprouted and we've moved them into the forest. Currently waiting on the plants to mature to tell if they're male or female (we have 10+ and as its seedy weed we assume some are going to be males) not too bad for not even using any type of additive in the soil. (In the forest we just put it in the soil that was there too instead of digging it out and replacing it) The plants are scattered around to where the light is but here's a picture of one. Any tips from experienced growers for nutrients that could be brought in with a backpack? Water isn't an issue.

  2. Don't look to bad sofar. As for nutes their are a lot of good chemical based and organic based nutes out there. If you have a grow shop near you that would be the place to go. If not some Ace hardware stores sell Fox Farms nutrients and they have some good nutes.
  3. There aren't any grow stores close by. Would you recommend a piticular nute from Fox Farms?
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  4. Healthy Plants man.
  5. Growing outdoors in the forest i would be more worried about pest control then nutes. Iv seen plants get eaten over night...

    Neem oil, captain jack deadbug, incest soap.... May have to spray 2x a week until 2/3 weeks from harvest.

    I was spraying my plants in my back yard 2x a week and they still had some bugs.... Fucking caterpillars....

    Fun thing about them is they borrow into the buds and shit inside them creating bud rot... Also youll find them while harvesting too.

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