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  1. Hi guys,
                 New to the forum and new to cultivation. Ive done my research and have decided to do a personal grow with coco coir (coko tek) mixed with perlite (about 80%-20%) I've also purchased the FoxFarm trio, Cal/mag, Hygrozyme, and Superthrive. Im using four 26 watt 500k cfls for the veg. I currently have no fan in my box only because its nice and cool since its winter and cold. My box hasn't been getting hot. These lights do what theyre suppose to. I did make some wholes in my box some ventilation. I do plan on getting a small desk size fan asap. I currently have two plants that ive done the same to both of them. ive mixed all my nutrients all at about 1/4 strength except the superthrive I just dropped a tiny drop. I also do not have a ph tester or any kind of tester for that matter. But one of my plants is looking amazing while one not so good. So im going on day 4 and this is how they look so far plus my grow box. The first 2 pics are the good looking one and then the next 2 are the slower 1 that idk what could be wrong with it please let me know and what u think of how im doin so far.

  2. what do u think is wrong with that second plant? that little yellow is from the seed when it fell off not all off it fell off.. But yea def doesn't look as nice as the first one :mad:
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    and do u guys think I can go into 12/12 now even not knowing then genetics? and when should they go to sleep right after eating or what? remember  its coco
  4. I'm subbed man. You fed them too early. You want to feed them when the first set of tound leaves (cotyledons) fall off. Both of them were overfed and the second one just got it worse. See how the first one looks like the edges are highlighted? It's overfed. I know the bottles say feed seedlings but it's a bad idea. Feeding full strength is also a bad idea. They want you to use as much as you can so you need to buy more. When you get a fan make sure it oscillates. You always want an oscillating fan on low going over your plants weather they are young or old. When they are young it's how you build a strong fat stem to support fat buds. In flowering you need it to prevent mold and keep the stems staying strong. A regular fan pointed on it 24/7 is as good as having no fan at all.
  5. Flip to 12/12 when they are 1/3 the height of where it will be hitting your light at the highest point in your box. If i were you i would scrog the entire thing. You will yield more with a scrog in a micro grow over ither training methods. Especially with cfl's.
  6. Pulling up a chair. I don't do the force feed thing myself but may be able to help in other areas.As said air movement is important for a few reasons. Mold and mildew prevention,stem strength,keeping temps even and breaking up the micro climate on the leaf surface for the exchange of gasses.Welcome to GC.Mj
  7. is there a forum or section for abbreviations? idk what scrog means lol
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    and I bottom fed them my nute mix about 3 hours ago then let them sleep for 6hrs about 2 n half ago..should I go get rid of that bottom fed water(reservoir?)
    Edit: and they say coco has no nutrients at all so I thought I had to feed a 1/4 strength atleast.. and def cal mag idk..and do u think these guys have any hope if I just feed them water for the next week ?
  9. [quote name="kmcbride149" post="19370830" timestamp="1390174332"]and I bottom fed them my nute mix about 3 hours ago then let them sleep for 6hrs about 2 n half ago..should I go get rid of that bottom fed water(reservoir?)[/quote]Hi K, You don't want them sitting in water. Plain water for the first week at least. Sbaked can help with when and how to feed.Scrog = screen of green.I recommend just keeping it simple this first goat roping.LITFA is another acronym we use frequently around here.Mj
  10. lol idk what LIFTA is.. Scrog is like LST?  to keep it wide and not tall?
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    [quote name="kmcbride149" post="19370942" timestamp="1390175487"]lol idk what LIFTA is.. Scrog is like LST? to keep it wide and not tall?[/quote] I let auto correct f it up .LITFA= leave it the fuck alone.FacepalmScrog is a screen you place at a set distance from your light and train the plant to it. Like a trellis on it's side.Mj
  12. ok so if I get new seeds? I shouldn't feed them even they tell u to? I even fed them 1/4 strength...maybe too often tho..idk when to use plain water and when to any help would be great because I know in coco theres no nutrients so I thought u had to add it early.
  13. Don't feed them at all until the cotyledons fall off and then start at 1/4 strength or even every other watering for a few weeks so it can adjust. After that feed everytime you water. If the leaf tips point down cut back on the nutes. If your leaves yellow at the bottom feed them. It really is better to under feed than overfeed. The damage from overfeeding is irreversible. Get a good 30% runoff when you feed and water. You don't want salt buildup in your coco and making sure you get a lot of water through there is going to rinse the old salts out.
  14. so these should be good then? I dumped all the nute water out the bottom and just letting them sit under light..i wont water for a while till it gets really light then ill water with plain water... should I maybe drop a tiny bit of superthrive to help em out?
  15. You can use the superthrive if you want but i can assure you they don't need the help. LITFA and it will be fine dude.
  16. Less is definitely more with seedlings. Just give them some time.
  17. ok thanks guys I really do appreciate it. Ill leave them alone all day tmrw and check on them in the evening.. im just gonna leave them in 24/0 for a week or so...
  18. I only check mine once a day. Sometimes every other day in veg. It seems like things go quicker and smoother when you aren't looking at it constantly.
  19. So I went and checked them halfway thru the day and they looked dry so I gave them a light spray. but they are lookin better I think. the healthier one of the two looks like its starting to form its 2nd set of leaves while the sick 1 looks just a little better.

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