First Ever Grow - Green O Matic

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by samstsam, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. First ever grow, will start soon so stay posted.
  2. hey stoners my seed just arrived , i bought a signle feminized green o matic seed, should start begginig of april , outdoors in the uk , please some advice will be really apreciated :)
  3. get some more seeds! dont put all your eggs in one basket
  4. id love to dude but quite low on money wont have enough to provide for a few although i also bought a arjans haze single feminized seed to but my mate said they could grow it for me with them and were share it ... any tips or anything u can advice me on ?
  5. Just ordered some Big Bang auto which seems to have very similar genetics
  6. nice sounds sick :) are u a beginner?
  7. Had 3 successful grows of 3-4 plants so I've got a bit of experience, gonna get on it properly this year though.
  8. indoor or outdoor?
  9. 2 windowsill and 1 outdoor. Outdoor one was attacked by animals but still got a harvest in the end.
  10. nice, will they actually grow by the window?
  11. Yeah they string out a bit until they're getting plenty of light but managed about an oz per plant. Alright for how easy and free it is.
  12. hmm nice keep updated with pictures please man

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