First ever grow, general advice appreciated

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    Hey guys, long time reader first time grower.
    I had a budget of £250 this grow and bits of cash over the course of the grow for any extras i may need to pick up. I have a 1x1x2M tent, a 4 inch ruck fan and carbon filter, a 250w HPS, a 350w CFL, medium is canna terra professional and im using canna vega in veg and canna flores in flower along with canna boost.
    I am starting from seed and i have 5x Northern lights and 1x Strawberry blue (feminised). 2x haiwan skunk and 1x Super silver haze (regular seeds). The regular seeds are extras so thought i would germinate them anyway.
    I have already crackd 3 of the northern lights and the strawberry blue and managed to forget to water their rockwool for 2 days so i lost one of the northern lights, the rest of the seeds are germinating now and will be put into rockwool once they have opened up.
    I have a few questions i would like to run by you guys,
    Firstly i was wondering if you think my fan will be enough to manage the tent with 8 plants in?
    (Im using passive intake and outtake HAS to run 4M)
    Secondly if not how many should i go for?

    Any advice or input will be appreciated guys thanks!

  2. Day 28 now and plants are booming, guessing no-ones interested so im probs gona hit this on the head if i dont get some interest in the next week or so. The numbers of plants have changed for certain i have 2 northern lights 1 strawberry blue and 14 super silver haze now, the silver haze's being smaller due to being germinated later and the fact they are sativas i want to keep them smaller. Attaching some photos and let me hear your feedback :D.

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  3. Hi Bongs,
     Have you got your light in a cool tube or somthing similar as a 100mm fan might struggle with the heat from an open light. Also with a cool tube you can up the power of the light to a 400W and get loads better results. Would mean getting another fan but all you need to do is get a 125mm or 150mm fan better and then use the 100mm to run through the cool tube.
  4. Hi sorry struggling with my browser so i cant quote you but i dont have a cool tube as of yet but it is something im considering with summer approaching. temps are peaking at about 32c atm though which im happy with and humidity is sitting pretty around the 30-40 mark. i was considering an extra fan for the cool tube aswell but with me budget i may have to run it open ended to try extract heat and smell, do you think that would help keep the heat down, also im using a 350CFL in the hope of keeping temps down and procviding some extra lumens for my plants. Let me know what you think Xenturi :D
  5. subbed =) question you went from 1 sativa to 14 now? Im really interested in those, wanted to try my hand at those my next time around. the 2 big indicas look great
  6. Aww thanks dude thats great news! i thought the biggest looks really healthy and is enjoying her double sized pot compared to the others so ive done abit more LSTing on her higher branches and im trying to turn her into a bush. And yeah my friend had bag seed from a feminized super silver haze plant and i think half of local circle have some in ground ATM so i grabbed an extra 20 and only had the medium at the time for 14. This is my first time working with sativas of any kind but just out of coincidence the super silver haze is a cross from northern lights so im keeping it in the family.

    All the plants are now on full dose canna vega and im starting to phase in the flores as im going nute-water-nute-water every 3 days so i have 5 waters with 2 nutes, unless they start getting real thirsty, before flower and i want them on full strength flores for 6 weeks so i can get a good 2 week flush in.  But they seem to be enjoying the range so far, going to get the boost asap for flowering aswell

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    Sorry just got my browser working normally so quoted you guys so you knows ive replied.
  8. Hi Bongsdaily,
    I am currently using 3 x 200w cfl's and a cool tube with a 400w hps in it and the majority of the heat is generated from the cfls but i manage to keep the temps around the 25-29 mark which aint too bad.#
    With the cooltube you really need to have a fan on it as they get damn hot otherwise and could pose a fire risk to you, all i use is a cheap inline bathroom extract fan for around £25-£30 which sucks air from outside the room and blows across the light in the cool tube and expelled out throught a roof tile vent.
    Keeping the cool tube duct under positive pressure is crucial, one for the efficiency of the light and the fan but mainly so you dont draw any air from your room into the tube or duct which will heat and smell ten times worse so totaly seal the cool tube duct.
    The main extract fan can be in or out of the room depends on you and draw the air out through a carbon filter for total odour control and this will keep the room under negative pressure stopping odours from leaking out. For air intake open up about 3-4 100mm dia holes at the bottom of the room and use cooker hood carbon filter pads cut to size to go over the holes, this not only blocks out light because they are black but also helps odour control. I dont use any intake fans just passive intake grills with back flaps fitted and draw the cold air from in the eves of the attic.
     For a good home made Onna block substitute get a packet of Miracle Grow water retention gel for hanging baskets put about 1/4 of the pack into a LARGE bowl and add any essential oil or strong disinfectant to the crystals and about 1&1/2 ltr of water and you end up with an equivalent to about 2-3 large pots of Onna for a fraction of the price. I personnaly like to use the Zoflora disinfectant as it has a good punjent smell and is quite cheap and then place the gell in a plastic bowl just below my extract duct outlet which blows into my attic office, works a treat.
    Xen :smoke:
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  9. Xenturi my browser is playing up again so i cant quote you once again, however, great post. Thanks for the advice, some great tips in there! Cant believe Zeflora can be used to control odour my GF has like 50 bottles of the stuff downstairs, odours not to bad ATM but that could come in real handy in the near future. Love the tip on cooker hood carbon filters never even knew about those either. I have a rhino carbon filter for odour control with my 4 inch inline.

    I like the idea of using a cheaper bathroom fan to cool the tube though, my friend draws through his cool tube with 1 end open and then filters and then exhausts, which now you mention it must increase smell, what with all the smell passing directly over the main heat supply?

    Your advice was just what i was looking for and ill be using some of those tips in the future! thanks alot!
  10. Hi Bongsdaily,
     No problems mate pleasure to help out a fellow grower, keep up the good work and remember security is always the first priority when growing and setting up a room as you cant grow shit if you are in jail.
    Xen :smoke:
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  11. Hey so plants were flipped after 4 weeks on the 1st of the month, however i had to get rid of the supersilver because i couldnt afford to get more medium and i didnt want the difficulty of trying to keep an even canopy with such a range in pot size, however that means that the 4 remaining feminised plants (3 northern lights, 1 strawberry blue).

    Now the real issue is that my girlfriend gave birt last wednesday and the plants went a good few days without a feed and because of all the house guests ive had ive only got round to watering them today so they are looking very droopy, ive stripped the dead leaves from the bottom (fully yellowed, not sure if this is normal either), and they have recieved the scheduled half dose of canna flores, i have pictures but my latop and or mozilla firefox and chrome seem to have a reallll problem with grass city lol. all the leaves are deep green stil they are all just hanging practicaly pointing downloads, hoping they pick up after this watering as i only have 4 now and dont want to loose anymore as ive got a new full time job so its all personal :D :D D

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  12. Okay, here we go, managed to get another quick pic (seen as that last 1 somehow uploaded in the end) And this is an hour and a half after watering, looks like its perked up already or is that just me haha.

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  13. no worries i went a little too long with no water on mine this week, same thing bottom two leaves went yelllow and they bounced back within hours
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  14. oh maxthon works great with grasscity its open source chrome i think
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  15. Ahh lovely news, glad to here it, the super silver were looking lovely before i had to let them go by the way if your thinking about it, and i used bag seed, and 11 out of 12 were fems :S think i might just be lucky haha. Thanks for the browser suggestion aswell ill check it out. gona get another pic on the morra see if theyve perked right back up cause the smaller of the nothern are looking realllllly sorry for themselves 2, i think the big girl had enough reserve to see her threw and the smaller ones are helllllla dry. You can sorta see them in background of second pic but its night time now so i dont wanna go get a better one. Fingers crossed :)
  16. grats on the kiddo bro, i managed to miss that the first read.
  17. Still cant edit but also can anyone give me some advice on maybe pruning the plants or is it too late now they been in flower for like 10 days, just the big ones canopy is like a ball shape and fully bushed out.
  18. Thanks curb :D
    Beautiful baby girl, 9lb 10oz (my poor girlfriend) and named Amelia missy harriott. Mind blowing, even more little girls to look after :p
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  19. and when shes all grown up shell be like "DAD WTF you got more pics of your pot plants than me!!!"

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