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  1. ok, this summer im planning on going to a few spots up north by relatives cabins and deep in the woods planting 5 plants with a little fence action around them, and planting a few more of these little 5 plant groups, my plan is to order seeds, plant them, go home, come back once to kill the males and then come back one more time for harvest, at harvest whatever is there ill take, anyone have tips, tricks, advice, ect?
  2. Hey Thegrowth, i have grown outdoors for a few years and i do got a couple tips for you.
    first of all if you want to get some half decent stuff your probably going to have to go visit and tend to them atleast every 2 weeks depending on how often it rains ect. if your spot is NOT near a water source like mine then you are not going to be able to rely on rain alone to get the job done. when you go to check on them in ur 2 week intervals bring as big a jug of water that you can in a backpack, not carrying in your hand so as not to draw as much attention. 1 thing i do to help this factor is to put a few jugs out there (say even just 1 per spot) under a decent sized tree where it wont be found and create your own make due drain pipe the is againsnt the tree and leading down to your bucket so you have more water to give them when you go out there. Another good tip would be to dig big deep holes and give them a decent amount of space between eachother.

    In the picture the blue is rain coming down the stream. if you cut a little \/ in the bark to stick a piece of metal the same shape in the cut you made and stickt he other end int he bucket it should fill it up pretty nicely. just ask if you have any other questions. more specific or still just as basic.

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