First ever attempt at QWISO

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  1. Hey guys, so I followed a guide here to make my first batch of qwiso. I used 91% alc and poured through a strainer and coffee filter. Also, I shook it in a mason jar for about 15-20 seconds. Idk how much bud I used because I don't have a scale and just had a zip lock bag full of trimmings and some bud. I Know it has to dry for a little while longer. Here's a pic of it. But I wanted to ask, does it look alright? And how would I go about smoking this? Thanks :)

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  2. When I made qwiso i didn't really have any method of smoking it besides spreading it on papers. It was a little harder to roll a good j but it worked really well. If you have a pipe or bong just dab some on top of it. I found I had to heat it a bit to get it more viscous and useable.
  3. what was the ratio of bud to trim did you use? How frosty were the trimmings? As for smoking it I always pack a little weed in a bong, pipe, w/e, and then put the oil on top and start to hit it. I like to inhale slow and not let the flame decimate the oil too fast because I feel it last longer if it slowly melts into the bud and it make your bud burn slow too.
  4. Oil Dome...

    Titanium nail if you got cash.

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