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first encounter with police!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by euphorianx3, May 25, 2010.

  1. I wasn't out and about, driving and toking or anything, but at home, and then hear a knock on the door. I see 4 sheriffs standing there and they were looking for the previous tenant who has a warrant. So they ask to come inside, and I totally forgot that I left my MMJ and pipe on the counter. After they check all of our IDs, they ask so who is smoking marijuana here? I don't know if they seen the stuff or not, but they didn't touch it. I said thats me, they asked do you have a recommendation and I said yes. so they wanted to see it, and I could not find it, till 5 minutes later my girlfriend says it's in her purse. I was kinda scared up until that point, but when they seen the recommendation they left peacefully.
  2. Well that's good. Ahahaha.
  3. Well if you're legal and smoking in your own home, there's nothing to it in regards to dealing with the police.
  4. It is not a good idea to let cops in. They only want o bust you, why let them in?

  5. If the cops have a warrant... there is really nothing you can do because a judge has signed off on it and any 4th amendment claims won't be held up in court.

  6. He said the person they were looking for had a warrant - I read that to mean no search warrant. They ASKED to come in - with a search warrant they just walk in.

    If he no longer lives there - they would just have to walk away.

  7. yea if the warrant wasn't for you, they shouldn't have come in to begin with. But everything is fine, so I guess it doesn't matter.
  8. even if the guy does not live there anymore, they would more than likely still want to conduct a search to make sure you are not harboring a fugitive.

    was the warrant just for the guy, or the property?
  9. You should you tube "surviving police encounters".

    ... its better to tell them to go pound sand at the door.
  10. if a cop knocks on my door, i just don't answer. if he has a warrant, or there's an emergency, they can kick your door in.

    if they just need to talk to me, they can have dispatch call my phone.
  11. ive seen that film but they werent mmj holders haha
  12. g o o d a d v i c e and consider what's been said. Weird, search warrant for a previous tenant... not that you knew the previous tenant, right? :devious::phmmmm.

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