First DXM expirence

Discussion in 'General' started by A_BoondockSaint, May 22, 2006.

  1. today i took about 6 dexalones of my friends. Took it about an hour to kick in but then after that, i felt sooo fucking drunk, yet i could control myself perfectly fine. I ended up carrying on an entire conversation with a friend b4 he even knew i was fucked up. Thank you DxM, you have made me a believer.
  2. haha yea man dxm is the shit. You've only went about an inch into the rabbit hole my friend though lol.
  3. :) very true

    glad u liked it
  4. Hey im cool too, cuz when I was sick, I took 4 Dayquils instead of 2....
    Im such a delinquent...
    That makes me cool right? Right!?
  5. You've never done DXM, huh?

  6. :(

    I will eventually never came around to it. That day I was sick I actually hoped to feel something, but no.
  7. I think you should try it first hand for baggin' on yourself like that. It's the only means of redemption. Damn, talk about pressure.

  8. Im too lazy to go get some dex right now. When I do do it, is it ok to do it alone, my brother might be home, but i dont expect to do it with ppl.
  9. I've never done it yet but will soon, and I plan on doing it by myself first.

    I'm just going to lay in bed with some music and let it roll. It should be fine.:)
  10. the 3rd plateau is the shit. for me i usually do around 700mg. complete disassociation.
  11. My first DXM experience was provided by my good friend Corcodin. I popped 10, and smoked a blunt. I was flying. It's something I'll do like once a month. Don't make that shit a habit.
  12. don't do cordo's man. you want stuff that only has dextromethorphan as the only ingredient. cordo's 2nd ingredient that is an anti-histamine. while at lower doeses doesn't do anything to you, there is still the risk of od.

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