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  1. Hey starting this a little take BUT o well ive grown in soil a few time. This is my first DWC grow tho so might aswell do a journal incase I run into trouble. heres the first week after puting into the DWC
    Room Temp - 69-80
    outside air in from window with intake fan and took into lower part of house to keep me warm with exaust fan untill i need to add the carbon filter.
    DWC buckets water temp- 60-70 gets to 72 but not often I add a frozen water when get to that and drop it back to atleast 69
    400w MH for Veg and HPS for Flower (also 2 plants in soil this is just mainly for my first dwc tho)
    Pump - 20 gal pump
    1 1/2 inch up the net pot
    Useing - "The Recipe For Sucess" nuits
    Ph - stays inbetween 5.5-6.5 but I try to keep at 5.8
    Sorry for variation in pictures. Blue Dream (DWC) Day 1.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 2.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 3.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 4.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 5.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 6.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 7.jpg Blue Dream (DWC) Day 8.jpg
    Day 9 in DWC IMG_20141111_242649_630.jpg , Shot of the roots IMG_20141111_242716_731.jpg and also a question I found thos little roots in my res floating is that normal or is something wrong? IMG_20141111_242744_980.jpg THANKS! also ignore the ashtray made of ducting tape I have a problem...

  2. last few days

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