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  1. Hey all,
    So I've been on the forum for the last month getting help with my grow from a lot of awesome people on here and I figure it's time to put together my first journal. I germinated 1 Nirvana Lemon OG Haze auto in a Rapid Rooter on July 1st. She popped in less than 12 hours. After a few days in a humidity dome I put her in her permanent home, a 1.5gal DWC under a 300 watt LED in a 18"w x 13"d x 48"t grow box. I'm using the GH flora trio with Calimagic and Hydroguard. I made the rookie mistakes at first with too much nutrients. Also, the grow box holds a lot of heat and the air pump that came with the box was a joke so she wasn't getting enough oxygen to the roots which caused her to droop terribly. I remedied both problems with a stronger air pump and a makeshift a/c system using a styrofoam cooler, fan, ice packs, and a 4" vinyl duct run straight to the intake fan. I also ordered a larger container than my res which I cut a whole in the lid of to fit the res snug, fill half way with water and ice packs every morning and drop the res in to keep the internal res temp cool. I've wrapped pretty much 95% of the res in reflective tape and made every effort to stop light leaks. It's been 4 weeks since sprouting and I'm seeing more and more white pistils so I'm very excited. I've been doing LST for 3 days now. She is so short and bushy so I need to get some light to the bud sights. Please feel free to give constructive criticism and pointers to anything I could do better. Thanks for looking!

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    Did some very light defoliating last night. Also did a res change and upped my nutes from 1/8 strength to 1/4 strength. She doesn't even seem phased by the defoliating and is responding well to the increase in nutes. Did some more LST this morning trying to slowly get the bud sights into position. Will do another defoliation in a week.

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    Day 36,
    Really happy with how my LST is going. Upping the Bloom to 1/2 strength tomorrow with the next res change, keeping Micro and Grow at 1/4 strength.

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    Day 41,
    Feeling pretty good at this point. I've got the overall shape I want with plenty of light exposure. I think at this point it's just keeping the shape and playing the waiting game. She's drinking a lot of water. I'm having to top off the res twice a day.

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    Came home to this on some of my older fan leaves. PH dropped down to 4.7 so I've got it back up to 6.1. It's been dropping like that every day. Anyone want to weigh in? New growth seems to be doing fine.

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  6. Do you know what your ppm is? Unless you are taking readings you don't know if she is drinking, eating or both. Could be related to the drop in ph but just adjusting the ph without understanding to the cause of the ph swing may cause you continued issues.

    Are you just topping off with ph water or are you adding nutes as well?

    Your roots look good from what I can tell so I don't think it is lack of o2. It could be nitrogen toxicity, look it up. Again you need to get your self a ppm meter.

    If things don't turn around I would recommend a Rez change and back off the nutes.
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    I did the res change last night. I think it was P deficiency from where the ph was so low she couldn't take any in. I check Ph and ppm twice a day. My ppm drops daily so she is drinking and is rarely over 380. If my ppm gets below 250 I top off with PHd nute water. Otherwise I top off with PHd RO water. She is very nute sensitive so I run a very light dose. Last night after the res change ph was at 5.8 and ppm was at 295. This morning ph was 6.4 and ppm was 290 I'll see when I get home, but I think we are back on track.

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    Other than the lower growth that got hit I think I'm in the clear. Ph is stable at 6.3. She's drinking plenty of water and the PPM isn't spiking so she's not locked out. I'm going to do a 48hr flush with the next res change just to make sure everything is all cleared out.

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    Did some more defoliation and LST this morning. She has a nice bonsai look to her. Roots are looking healthy. I'm coming up on week 8. Hoping to harvest at 11-12 weeks.

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  10. Looking good. That root ball is crazy especially compared to the canopy.
  11. Thanks! The roots are taking up 3/4 of the res lol. They just keep growing.

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  12. Get yourself a jewlers loop on eBay for cheap. Don't guess if your girl will be ready for harvest. Make sure by looking at the tricomes
  13. I've got a microscope just for that

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    New home is all set up and she's loving it. Temperatures are completely under control both in the tent and in the res with out the ac unit. It's also a lot less cluttered with the air pump outside of the tent pulling in cooler air. I could not be happier. It's perfect for the small personal grows I plan on doing.
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    Got some decent trich pics with the loop today.

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    Day 61,
    Buds are really starting to fatten up. It's been going really smooth this past 2 weeks. Ph is never out of range and they are getting more frosty by the day. Still have at least a few more weeks but I love that they are putting on some size.

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