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First day of work at Hardees

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, May 22, 2012.

  1. Ah shit Blades, I'm getting back into the system for a while.

    Last week I got back from a failed attempt to live in my car on the shores of North Carolina, and as soon as I got back into town, landed a job at Hardees.

    It's a 75¢ pay cut but I don't feel like going back to my old job; I'll do just about anything for a change of pace these days.

    Wish me luck and maybe share some Hardees or other general fastfood experiences.
  2. people are dicks but just let them think they are better than you.
  3. I learned humility really quickly as a Little Caesars employee
  4. I've worked in the service industry 12 years. fuck, I have college degrees and I STILL work there cause it pays me the best right now...

    With that said, congrats. Having a job isn't so bad. It's what I call "sucking the days' dick." You don't want to do it, but you do it anyways. Keep it up and down let the man or fucking prick customers get you down.

    And for everyone else, be kind to the people serving you in fast food places. :)

    NC is beautiful, shame you left for the summer.
  5. Having a job is having money, and having money is having gas to drive to the WESTCOAST BABY! YEAH!

    I'm really pumped for that.

    also, I'm smoking weed less than an hour before I have to be in, but not to get high; my stomach is sour as fuck.
  6. I'm headed out West too. (Colorado) I had the same idea as you. I took some time off work and thought about my life. After I decided that I wanted to go out West, I went back to work and made a plan. 2 years later I'm finally living my dream of leaving NC and going to the mountains.

    Keep working hard, save your pennies, don't smoke more than a half eighth/week. (If you're serious about saving $$) Good luck!!!!!
  7. I don't know if the names of the burgers are different from Carl's Jr to hardees but I fvckin love the super star. That's all.
  8. goddamn that's a name from the past. they don't have those in Florida anymore. atleast in Central FL.
  9. Fucking hate jobs! I just got a job at a deli it was part time and fucking far as hell, I only took it cause it's better than nothing. Then yesterday a job I wanted called me back and offered me a full time position so now, I have to tell the boss at the deli that I'm leaving after only a week.....fun times ahead..
  10. Wow, yes...these types of jobs do suck, but for me I really enjoy working everyday, and have never thought different about it. Sure there are some down times, but for the most part I am happy to wake up, get ready and head off to work, maybe I am just crazy, but I like my line of work...
  11. Good luck man, I have an interview at Wendys today myself.
  12. Whew, that was rough. Fuck Hardees, hahaha.

    Check this Blades, hahahaha

    My dad called and said that if I want to I can drive up to where he is and start paving driveways with him :D I think my first day at Hardees was my last.
  13. Pave driveways > Hardees

  14. nice little "accidental" play on words. :D
  15. buddy of mine does this shit. how do you like it? ive never really talked with the kid on this subject. pay vs. amount of labor. is it worth it? i love being outside so thats not a problem, the heats gotta get to ya though.
  16. All he need to learn is to budget his money. I smoke 3oz a month and still plenty money for food, bills and others
  17. It's hard work man, but I'm young and haven't spent time with my dad in 8 years. I'm really looking forward to this adventure.
  18. Where do you live in NC? I'm trying to roll through and get a bacon breakfast platter for a discount of on the house
  19. Damn dude.. I work at Subway and that has to be the most easiest job in the fucking world.

    Hell yeah a lot of NC blades.. Thats whats up
  20. Im a lil late but good luck hombre! On your second day!!!!

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