First day of college

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. And im fucking nervous. Moved to the city last week, took the city bus for the first time. Gotta catch my bus at 6: 40 am to be at school for 8.
    Anyone else going to college for the first time today, or shortly?
    I know i'll meet a ton of new people and friends, but right now im still really nervous.

  2. best of luck to you homey I start next year im already excited LOL
  3. College is easy as pie man, most of the classes I've taken aren't very hard at all, you just gotta show up and remember your work and you'll get a good grade
  4. Damn... I started like 3 weeks ago -.-

    College life is the shit~ :smoking:
  5. Yeah man! My first class is in 30 minutes. What college are you going to? It's a slim chance, but who knows?
  6. i love college. so many dope ass girls. JUST STUDY AND GO TO CLASS!
  7. Like she said...

    I put less work into college than I did high school and ended up with Dean's List...

    and trust me...I didnt work very hard in high school..;)
  8. LOL same here, although I was in good classes and all, I'm a human sponge I absorb info, I may not be paying all that much attention in class, but I can always ace the tests :D
  9. uhh i started last week
    i never saw so many hot girls since i was at the beach
  10. First day was today for me. I had calculus, now I have physics in half an hour. Are these normal classes or hard classes?
  11. i actualy took a semster off

    but im already looking forward to the spring semester to start!
  12. I was forced to take a semester off because the dumbasses in the financial aid office applied my student loan to the summer semester when I didn't even take a summer class and they told me it couldn't be changed. So therefore I owe the school $800 and was unable to register for classes this semester.
  13. Wow, back from my first day. Met a shit load of new people, lots of girls! The guys in my classes are pretty quiet, so its hard to start conversation. Wow, i am going to LOVE college.

  14. Are you living near campus or anything? Or are you going to a community college or some shit?

    If you live on campus man you will be having the most fun in your fucking life! :hello:
  15. i started my first day of college over 2 weeks ago. dont trip in 2 days youll have shit down and nothin will matter, as long as you got bud
  16. yep, i move in in like 18 days :smoking:
  17. God I love College. And getting drunk. And making out with chicks while drunk.

    Question though. I don't party often and I drank a crapload at a party this weekend and threw up on the floor (it was someones house). Should I bring over a case to be polite? I don't know the people btw.

    And I need to find weed.
  18. Remember this day, because you're gonna wake up tomorrow and its gonna be 4 years later, and its at that point when you realize that the best days of your life are over and real life begins.

    Just make sure to study hard but party harder.
  19. I'm not living on campus, but I know a bunch of people who are, and there are parties all night this week. Going to pop into one tomorrow and meet some more people.
    I'm also not smoking weed during the week, my memory is incredibly bad when I smoke regularly. Worse then most people. So i'll have the weekend to look forward to all week, when I can smoke that sweet sweet herb.


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