first date: do I buy her concert ticket?

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  1. I know, off the top of my head, I'd say "yes," to this question too - but here's a bit of the situation:

    I met this girl online (which has me wicked nervous to begin with for so many reasons. I should make a thread about that alone!) and we had a lot of things in common and got to talking. I ended up asking her to go to a concert with me and she seemed pretty excited about it. It was never formally established as a date though, I don't think :confused: --- anyways, she asked me how much her ticket was. I told her but said something like "we'll figure it out at the show, its no big deal," leaving my options open to let her pay, or I pay. I was thinking my best option might be to tell her to hang onto the money and give it to me at the end of the night, and i guess i can decide then? idk why this is a big deal, but i feel like, subconsciously, who pays can have a big affect.

    sadly, this is probably the smallest problem i have right now... i'm so freakin nervous now -- this is basically a blind date as i've only seen some pictures... here's hopin for the best
  2. damn Idk what to tell you bro. if its not to expensive then go for it. or if she is hot and you want to fuck it might be a nice gesture
  3. i'd say that telling her to hold onto it at the end of the night is a good idea. however, she could be one of those girls who feels empowered and WANTS to pay for the ticket.

    if that's the case, and you end up hitting it off with her, just suggest that you guys can go somewhere to eat after the concert and she can pay for you.

    that way she can feel accomplished by paying (if that's how she feels, remember), but at the same time paying less than the ticket is worth (assuming the concert ticket was relatively expensive) which you can find solace in.
  4. awesome man, thats exactly what i was thinking. if things went well, we'd probably get a bite to eat on the way home from the show, and i figured it be a good way for her to contribute something but without having to pay for the concert ticket - which i don't even want to tell her what i paid anyways, just let her think i paid face value as seen on the ticket i guess...

    i suppose thats what i'll do - and it'll certainly be best case scenario, for if shes paying for our food after the show, it means everything before the show went smoothly.

    now i just need to make sure i get passed the first 5 awkward minutes, considering i've never really met her lol

    [edit] she smokes weed- id like to avoid using it as a crutch but suppose i could if need be. always a good conversation starter
  5. buy the concert tickets...then tell her to go buy a pack of condoms. win win
  6. Don't pay for her.

    You should never spend money on a girl you aren't dating....ESPECIALLY on the first date.
  7. never buy a womans shit unless you're in an ltr... don't be a beta faggot, woman go on about being equal, how is having a guy pay for your shit equal?
  8. One of my homies hooked up with a girl online. She sent pictures of this girl he thought was her. Well after a year long "friendship" they decided to meet and bone. Let me tell you.. It was not the same girl and she was just.. annoying as shit. Supposed to be a beautiful 5'5 brunette with nice tits and snake bites, kinda emo looking.. No he got beluga preppy girl. Ended up going home 4 days early on a week long trip to see him.. He payed for the tickets and everything.

    To sum it up.. Be careful, internetz be scary.

  9. You got it backwards dude. You pay for the dates and once you're in the long-term, that's when you compromise and both start paying for shit.

    I don't think any girl would get into a long-term relationship with a guy who never paid for her beforehand.

    Btw a good rule of thumb though is whoever sets up the date should be the one who pays.

  10. Your attitude is why women still get away with being such hypocrites.

    brb I'm strong and independent and have the same rights as men.

    brb pay for all my shit please.

  11. LOL yeah, its my fault women are that way. :rolleyes:
    It's all good dude, don't pay for women when you're the one asking her to go on a date. You'll definitely get a second date if you don't pay. :hello:

    You know what most women think of a guy who doesn't pay, ESPECIALLY on the first date? Cheap ass.
  12. What kind of concert? Just curious, but the type of concert can definitely set the mood for the whole night.

  13. incubus - i think it will be good. outdoor venue too, amphitheater style w/ seats, but lawn in the back where everywhere just chills n smokes, lays down, dances, w/e - - i got lawn tickets, figured itd be better for the situation even though its amazingly far from the stage

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