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Good for only 63 watts of fluoros?

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  4. Who cares its not mexican flatbud!

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  1. Hello everyone how are all of you today? Well me Im am absolutely great I made my first cut today at 45 days and Im very pleased I made this cut because I had alot of undeveloped buds and they need some light badly so I decieded to give em it and I thought that I would share it with yall. These are only the 2 top branches and not bad for low wattage only 63 watts of fluoros. Please tell me what you think.


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  2. i say it feels pretty good to grow your own smoke,eh!
    mighty fine job .....
  3. I think that it is pretty sweet you will be smokin up buds,,that you grew yourself.....under such low wattage!! ......enjoy your taste test.......peace

  4. those r so purty.
    Hope that you enjoy,enjoy,enjoy.
    blow a puff my way.PLEASE.
  5. kewl dude, tell us if they're good or not.
  6. Loojs good enough for any bodys pipe to me
  7. Ill smoke it. =)

  8. I'm always available as a "Taste Tester" LOL!!
  9. Hey glad to see and hear that thing's are doing well for U.I especiallyl like the part where u said u did it with onlu 63 watts of flouro's. That's because I relocated mine to a smaller growing area and I'm using to flouro's 33 watts each, only have 2 plants. I have my fingers crossed. Nice clippings...enjoy WE LOVE WEED INDEED.

  10. Critter TY for those kind words I to thought that it wasnt too bad for such low wattage. My biggest problem was heat yeah sure fluoros dont put off a lot of heat but let me tell ya it really builds in a small space my grow area was 18x18x18 and yes folks thats inches not very big at all.

    And to update you all she was good she was really good I got pretty high off the buds though not that mant buds though :eek:( but I still got some and to finish this Update I hade a total 10 budding branches on the plant the 2 you guys see and 6 more that were fuller then these now I have 2 Im attempting to clone but they dont look very promising though but wish me luck.

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