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  1. where do you make your first cut on a new plant? tomorrow i believe there will be enough growth above the 4th (labeled) node where i'll make the first cut.

    where to cut.jpg
  2. Let it get to 6 then top down to 4 it’ll be easier on the plant. What training do u plan to do after you top.
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    ok, i see your point... last year i did this and the plant growth seemed to stall for about 2-3 days before the new shoots started to grow. i'll try what you suggest this year... makes sense that it would be less stressful on the plant.

    this is only the 2nd year i've tried growing. last year i topped the new growth twice and that turned out ok. this year my only goal is to keep ahead of caterpillars and a slight mold attack i got late in the season. i may have lost ~30% of last year's harvest,
  4. Just so you know most people start counting 1 from where you have #2.i would never top below where you have #3. Good luck topping is a high stress training method so it is very normal to see slowed growth for a few days.
  5. Why do you think it is easier on the plant to do it the way you are saying.
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  6. lol... thanks for that input... i have wondered about this when i see it written. i always root for the little guy, though...!
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  7. The plant will have a bigger root base and be on veg nutes so it’ll be thriving so it won’t stall from stress
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  8. things are progressing well. i decided to plant in a few waves this year and the first 4 plants turn 30 days old recently. it was probably a good idea waiting on the first top because the plants look very strong. i'm probably about 3-4 days from a second topping. they might look a little sparse ... i just removed the last of the main trunk leaves today on all but one plant that is about 2-3 days behind the other three..

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