First Closet Grow : Tips Appreciated.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DetectiveCones, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Okay Okay, So
    So as you will see in the photos,
    I dont have the best set-up
    will this be ok ?
    what will i need to add ?
    i only want a small crop
    mostly for personal use.
    I recently got the clone
    Off of a friend
    hes had it in bubble buckets
    and now its gone to soil
    I am Using Compact Fluroscent Lights
    Ones Warm White
    and 2 Bright White ones
    Im watering it with seasol
    it looks healthy
    Am i going alright ??
    Any idea/tips are good thanks :D
    Regards Dtv. Cones

    New Pics ; More detailed of plant, Looks a bit sickly on some leaves
    any ideas as to what that is ?
    Alfoiled the sides to reflect light more.

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  2. Paint green a flat white or get some mylar in there u need as much light in there.

    Do you know the Lumens of each of your bulbs?

    What nutes are you planning to have?

    Air intake/exhaust?
  3. I just updated it then
    Aluminium foiled all around it
    have a lid for front with ali foil on it too
    dont have enough for a whole vent system
    was goin do by some desk fans or whatever
    Lumens as in wattage or ?
    Thanks for looking into my project :)
  4. Also
    im using Seasol,
    It is a Power Feeder
    Contains ; Nitrogen, Potassium, Trace Elements, Protein, Amino acids.
    Have Thrive if needed.
    can get more,
    is it looking okay ?
    Dtv. Cones.
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  6. *Bump*

    Changed it all around
    made some makeshift ballast
    have a fan now
    an old computer fan
    got it hooked up to a 12v dc adapter

    Added pics :

    Tell me what you think, i know some leaves are drooping. due to over watering.
    i have been informed when i should water and what strength nutes and such now by other growers in the sick plants section.
    As you can see the newer growth is looking healthy as can be
    i havent watered in a while
    soil is still fairly damp
    letting it dry out some more

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  7. Are those leaves starting to wilt? the tips look like their starting to sink.
  8. Yes They are
    Due to over watering
    if you look at the smaller leaf of them
    it is healthier
    newest growth
    ive left the watering so it seems to be recovering

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