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  1. Hey everyone, so this is my first indoor grow, its the first plant I have ever grown. My plant is currently in week 2 of the vegetative stage. The plant was off to a bad start at the beginning (my fault with the lights too far away and less wattage) but is now growing healthy buds. The plant is under 2 5000k bulbs, 12hours on 12hours off. Some of the leaves (as shown in the pictures) are turning yellow, I was just wondering what was causing this and should I trim those leaves off? Any other input is appreciated.

    As for my clone, I snipped off a branch from the current grow when it was about a week into vegetative so you can see a little bud that was forming on the clone. My bottom leaves of the clone also turned yellow so I did snip those. The clone is only about 1 week old.. just wondering if anyone has any input or feedback they could give me as to helping to maintain this clone. The clone is currently under a 3700k bulb with the 2 other 5000k bulbs on the plant beside it giving it some light. The clone is on 24 hour/day light and is removed from the closet when the lights go off on the plant.

    As you can see in the pictures it shows my current set up and how far my bulbs are away, any info as to anything I can change (take into account I am on a low budget) will be appreciated. Thanks for the help guys and keep puffin', :)

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  2. i wouldnt do any more trimming. your plants need all the fan leaves to soak up the little light you are giving them.
    what kind of soil are you using? hamburger?...
    your not gonna get much from these bitches unless you..
    1. add more light.
    2. put em in a cab lined with mylar and add more light..
    3. feed them something and add more light
    good luck.......
  3. Too late to really worry about yield considering they are flowering already at that size. Next time, unless you are very short on room, let them veg longer and you will get considerably more bud in the end.
  4. and don't forget to keep them on a 24 hour light cycle, or 18 hours on, 6 hours off until you are ready to start flowering, then you switch to 12 on 12 off.

    cheers! that'll be a nice joint you roll with that plant!:smoking:
  5. generally, you dont ever want to trim anything on a plant.... other than in flowering if you need to get light to lower bud growths, but even then it's better/easier to do some slight LST on the branches.

    it seems like your light is too far away from your plant. For CFLS, it can't be too close unless it's touching.

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