first clone easy and accidental

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skiweeds, May 15, 2010.

  1. wanted to share my first experience with cloning and how easy it is. even tho this was my first, im not a newb to growing. i've helped with many indoor setups and successfully have done outdoors on my own. i've read up on cloning, seen videos, seen people do it in front of me, i've done it before with cacti, but never with cannibus. i was watering a couple days ago and brushed against a branch and it broke. it was about 80% torn off. i tried taping it cause i know something they fix themselves but this one was too bad and after an hour it started drooping so i thought why not just cut it off and attempt a clone. i cut the stem again to make it a clean cut at a 45 degree angle. this branch was also just topped days before i broke it of so i was worried it might be too stressed. plus my friend topped it too early and did it above the 2nd leaf set instead of waiting for a 3rd so i thought that may add even more stress. anyways, i peeled one of the bottom leaves off to expose the flesh inside or whatever botanists call it. dipped it in reverse osmosis water, dipped it in this powder root hormone, then stuck it in a starter plug and topped off with a little soil just to help keep it in place. i just put it under my 400 watt MH with the rest of the veging plants, i put it on top of one of the pots so it wouldnt be too far away from lighting. then i sprayed the entire cutting with water. i also run full 24 hrs lighting. this cutting was leaning over on it's side looking like it wasnt going to make it, but i thought i'd rather make use of it rather than just toss it out. the next day it was perked up ready to grow. so anyone not confident in their cloning abilities, just give it a try, you will succeed! dont work? no big deal, try again and learn what went wrong.

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