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First Check Drug Self-Drug test, need help interprating.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dannyscott, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I just took one of their 15 dollar tests and it came out seemingly a week negative. The double line which = passed is present, however the bottom line. Which if not present indicates a hot piss, is there to my observations. However seemingly ghostly, barely visible and is something you need focalize on to get a good visual.

    On the FAQ of the site, it's a pass. However a weak negative it is called. Which means there might still be some metabolites lingering. (from my speculation)

    My MEPS test is this tuesday, the ninth. Which is the militaries test. I would imagine in the lab it goes through theres a lot more scrutinization of the urinalysis.

    I'll upload a pic of it. Any comments?

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  2. I was in the Air National Guard. I have heard that the military test is looser than most. Still... drink a lot, flush and exercise. If you are signing up you should be running and doing sit ups and push ups already anyway! Srsly!
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    Can you clarify on looser? I know most lab cutoff rates are 50 ng.

    I would be agreeing with you if not I hadn't actually allready been reccomended not to, for the shear fat exercising now so soon before the test would actually release more fat in which the metabolites are stored and cause them swim arround in my kidneys as he put it, increasing my chances of detection. I allready am drinking lots of water. Any input on my statement above though?
  4. My fitness is perfectly fine, besides its air force and I would be doing an Intelligence job, because I scored very high and I chose to do Cyber Intelligence Systems Operations. Which is why my recruiter is trying to process my shit asap. When i take another one if its no better I may just reschedule if I can, maybe a week later. I was thinking about using the 45$ q-carbo drink/pills as a last ditch resort.
  5. Bump/Update-

    I took the test I posted 9 days ago up there in the attatchment. Took another one today, its still faint if maybe just as faint as the one up top.... and its been approx. 31 days since my last toke. Which I had smoked 8 grams consecutively from the 30th of june to july 15th. FMI.

    I took some Niacin last night, skipped it this morning and tonight cuz that shit BURNED. and I got some creatine pills and gatorade bottles because my test is on tuesday.

    Should I better my chances by taking some Niacin now, 12:30 am, another tommorow, more that night and more in the morning of my test in Cunjunction with the creatine pills to better my chances?

    Any Advice, my future 6 figure job is at stake.
  6. go smoke you will be fine.:eek:

  7. Yea two days before test, brilliant....

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