First Cfl. Lst. Closet Grow

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  1. Alright so this is my first grow.
    So far I have:

    2x seeds. 1 auto jack herer, 1 auto sour diesel

    2x 5 gallon buckets

    8x 42 watt cfl 2700k and 6500k

    And for nutes I have big bud, fox farms grow big, and rootbastic (was a freebie. Not sure if I'm going to use this yet)
  2. Got my other bulbs in today 4 45 watt 6500k full spectrum cfl's. Setup a little ghetto light hood. Man is this thing bright!! I will have 4 40 watt 2700k and 4 45 watt 6500k running through the entire grow. That's about 340 watts for 2 plants. I know that's not the best but it should do nicely.

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  3. Looks good.
    Fill your pots up.  Don't leave inches of empty pot, one inch maybe, but more soil = more roots!
    With 5 gallons of soil and CFLs, you might not need to feed them more than a few times, fairly late on.
    Also 5 gallon buckets will hold a lot of water before it seems like it is properly watered, but remember small plants only need a little water!  Don't make the mistake of soaking them and they sit in soggy soil for a week.
    Good luck!

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