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  1. well ive decided to start me one of these here grow journals....

    here's my setup

    For Veg
    8 23 watt cfl daylight
    2 40 watt floro

    For flowering
    15 26 watt soft white
    planted in ff ocean forest
    one fan on plants and one pulling air away from plants to keep em cool

    the plants are like 30 days old been on 24 hour light and i have been using superthrive since germination.
    the temp stays from 74 to 85

    i want to sex them can you switch to 12/12 for a few days to weed out the males and then switch back to 24/0 to keep vegging?

    oh and i have some tigerbloom is it too early to start feeding them?

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  2. Nice looking plants, i think it is possible for you to do that its known as 'force sexing' and will speed up the development of the all important preflowers as far as i know.

    Im not sure on the tiger bloom, i started feeding my plants on bloom nutes the same day i went 12/12, but you could always get them ready for the bloom by adding 1 week prior to 12/12, i realy dont think that would damage the plants at all.

    Do you plan on LST them?

    *edit* get rid on the foil, it can burn your plants, go for straight mylar man its cheap and you wont need much!
  3. that is mylar on the walls.
    i thought about trying to LST one of them but i think i need to get them into a little bit larger pots before i try that

    now how long would it take before the preflowers would show, if i switched to 12/12. and it is safe to go back to 24/0 after that?
  4. I would transplant.
  5. just transplanted them into 3 gallon buckets they all had exelent root systems
  6. Very healthy looking garden :yay:

    Yes, you can revegetate your plants after you've forced them to begin blooming.

  7. do you know how many days (approx.) it would take them to show.

    does jumpin back and forth with the light cycle not stress the plants
  8. put all but one into like 3 gallon pots... the third pic is of one of the lower leaves i pulled the center leaf off a few days ago cause it was yellow and crusty any idea on what might be causing this

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  9. I am getting anxious to get my ladies into flowering. i know the longer i wait the better yield i will have.
    they double in size during flowing.... right

    the ladies vary in height from 7 to 11 inches tall.
    how much longer should i wait to flower them or is it just a personal preference thing
  10. 3 out of 7 females!!!! but i'm still in the veg stage. it is unusual that the ladies are revealing themselves while they are still in the 24/0 light cycle.
    ill post the some new pics tommorow.
  11. Looks good so far. I'm sure you know that Tiger Bloom is made to be used in flowering, so why would you want to use it before that time ? Don't you want more nitrogen when vegging ? Why don't you just pick up some nutes that are better suited for vegging with a different NPK ratio ?

    I use Tiger Bloom (and Big Bloom) in soil, and when you do decide to start using it, the main advice that I can give is to watch your PH levels, because they will certainly drop, and you will have to correct for it.
  12. Thanks for the advice greeny.
    I haven't started using the Tiger Bloom yet. The only thing they have recieved is Superthrive.

    I have a question though, when does flowering begin?
    When I change the light cycle to 12/12, right?
  13. Allright here is the update. i now have 3 confirmed females and no males thus far.
    I just changed my lights over to soft white cfls and the will be on 12/12 beggining tonight. I added 4 more bulbs so now i have 12 26 watt lights in there.
    I am watering about every 3 days.
    I guess im doin alright.
    Anyone have any advice or pointers as i enter the flowering stage?
    Should I introduce the TigerBloom at about a quarter strength?

    anywayz here's the pics.......

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  14. Yep! You're doing allright, your plants look good!
    You may want to consider getting some reflectors on those CFLs, most of the light you are producing is trying to grow something on the wall right now.
    1/4 strength should be good.
    Stick to the recommended schedule or less, increase strength over time.
  15. Appreciate the pointers. I guess I'll try and rig something up to reflect some light downward towards the ladies
  16. Well I began flowering on 8/16. Most the plants about a foot tall, a couple taller, a couple smaller.

    How long does it usually take before buds form? (approx.)
    ( if anybody actually reads this thing,)
  17. It took 10 days for mine to show the sex. From there on I have been watching the buds forming. If you are planning on just finding the sex of the plants and then put back into veg then why use tiger bloom etc. As soon as you see the sex, I would put them back into vegging again however, I have seen some people put a plant into flowering as early as just 2 or 3 weeks after sprouting. These grew to look more like a SOG grow from seed. One big cola.

    They look great. Just decide if you want to flower or veg now and go with it. If you plan to stay in flowering then add the tiger bloom. If not then maybe get them back into vegging. I sure wouldn't add tiger bloom to them then put them back into veg.
  18. to initiate flower you need to go to 12/12. then within two weeks you will have sexing completed.
    I clone then use the clones for sexing. makes it easier.

    gluck buddy
  19. Maybe this is unusual but before i even changed the lights to 12/12 3 of my 7 plants already had their pistils.
    And since then ( I am 6 days into flowering ) I already have 3 more confirmed females
    I am planning on going ahead and leaving the ladies in their flowering stage and already fed them their first dose of Tigerbloom.

    I'll post some new pics here soon.

    Anyone have any advice/pointers feel free to comment
  20. Make sure that you start counting your flowering time when the buds actually begin showing, not when you started 12/12.

    I had 6 plants that were about 9-12 inches tall when I started 12/12, took a week for them to start budding, and 4 weeks later they are all 23-27 in' in height.

    Definitely get some reflectors, I've seen people use the large throw away foil baking pans as a cheap alternative.

    Also plants need a pot that is 1 gal to every month they've grown. 4 months=4gals. It may be possible that you will need to transplant before they are done but I believe the 3 gals should be ok.

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