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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Alexandre, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Hi, Im new here guys and i have been taking care of this beautiful plant for a month exactly now how does it look guys and what is your opinion on them lights :D Happy Smoking Too
    This seed came from a bag seed btw the weed was amnesia or amnesia haze i think..
    Also i would appreciate any input :)

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  2. The plant looks good but expect for get her a 500wt and a large grows pace if your planning on achieving any yield.

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  3. Its my first time growing and I have been using very cheap nutes on the plant I love this plant :D

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  4. The coil CFL looks like a 2700k is that right? What kind of bulb are the other 2?
  5. There are 2 led bulbs the one with the white bulb is 2700k for shore as it says in the bulb

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  6. 2700k is usually used for flower and 6500k is used for veg because the blue light from 6500k reduces stretching during veg. Your plant does not look badly stretched but it does Look a bit stretched. When you transplant into a bigger pot, bury the stem almost down to the first true node and wait until you have a few more nodes and then top it down 2-3 nodes to let the side branches catch up. It's looking really healthy and green!
  7. I would say I have a mixed spectrum lights the plant is growing very healthy, will I really need to transplant it its supposed to be a closet/ninja grow the nodes are growing no more that 1cm from each other.
    Thanks for the help
    Happy Chonging

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