First CFL Grow what do you think?

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  1. Hi everyone thanks for taking a minute to read this. I am looking for other ways to improve my cabinet and constructive criticism is welcome.
    So my box is basicly an old dresser but only the outside four walls. I next divided my cabinet into two sections one for vegging and one for flowering. Both chambers have weather stripping as to stop lights from going from the veg room into the flower room. In the flowering chamber I have 4 42watt(200watt equivalent and 2650lumens) 2700K and 2 42watt(also 200 watt equivalent 2650 lumens) 6500K. I did have a small 4in by 4 in fan on the plants for increased stem strength but decided they were well strong enough so I moved the fan to blow on the lights because they do produce quite a bit of heat for cfls (their pretty big effin bulbs). Anyways in my flowering chamber im going to have one mother (currently 2 small clones) under two 42 watt 6500k cfls along with one 23 watt 2700k cfl. the temperature stays around 80-86 and because im from northern ontario my house does get cold so i have a heat lamp to keep it comfortable for my ladies. anyways this is my first grow and im trying cfls for this grow and looking to put a 200watt hps light with a beefed up exhaust/intake system. as of right now i have no exhaust or intake but the small fan i have keeps it cool enough and circulates the air well enough so the air isnt stale. my box isnt air proof by any means but it is light proof. let me know what you think. Also they do look a bit stretched or at least the bigger one does but as it flowers im gonna let her bush out because they all have new leaves growing daily. also note that the pictures i added are throughout the veg cycle its not on its flowering cycle 12/12.



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  2. It is now on its flowering cycle** and these plants are 2 big budhha cheeses and one kush 1 and i plan on cloning my plants instead of using seeds as i do have knowledge of cloning. and sorry if i ramble.. just really baked XD
  3. you can move your lights a little closer, cfls have a pretty short range.
  4. right now the plants sit about an inch and a half from the light. it was jusy farther in the pic because i just added 3 lights : P
  5. cfl grower here and have better results with the lights ganged together with "Y's" to have a group of six bulbs hanging from the middle laying on their side if that makes sense then more on the sides. top the plants during veg also. my $.02
  6. Thanks alot!! I have two bulbs in one socket on my fixture i do have it set up in a y with the y extensions. I plan to top it once a week depending on the growth. again thanks for the reply
  7. will post better pictures of setup tonight
  8. Hey everyone today i had a bit of a problem i had to relocate my plans across town today and of course my truck breaks down. now i missed my lights out time. so i was wondering can they be put back into veg for now there less than a week into flowering
  9. u should be ok any way u decide to go at this point.,

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