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First Car Paid By Me Help?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by ErdayToker, Aug 12, 2014.

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    So, throughout high school I just drove whatever my parents had.. never really bought my own car.
    I decided it's time to buy my own car. I like cars but I'm not that educated of what's good to stance or not.
    I have about 6k at the very top of my budget. I was thinking about getting a '99 civic si or a accord. I like Honda's considering that's what I grew up on. 
    The only problem is.. Honda's aren't that good for performance so I'd be pouring a bunch of money into a car to get like 240HP. I really want to be able to smoke whatever I pull up next to, whether a golf, genesis, etc. and not have them expect it. Like a sleeper car I guess.

  2. Buy a reliable car and maintain it and drive it normally. Then save money up and buy a money pit performance car.

    240hp won't really smoke any factory performance car these days.

    For $6k, I suggest 98-02 camaro/fire bird with an LS1 engine


    99-04 mustang GT. For the price, you can't beat reliability, performance, looks, and engine roar.
  3. a 240hp civic can def smoke alotttt of cars. i hate them but they are great bang for buck. nd dirt cheap to maintain. but yea get a car with a ls1. thats where you can fuck wit the big boys nd not look like a ricer
  4. If you're going for a honda, go for a boosted LS integra. One that has been boosted and tuned by a reputable shop, not in someones backyard.
  5. 6k and you want a honda......
    Find a super clean 300zx TT or rx7 turbo II.. shit find a really clean celica alltrac or gsx eclipse.
    somthing that's not fwd and useless at least.
    Ls camaros are fast.... In a straight line if that's all your looking for.
    With 6k have some creativity that's all I'm saying.

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  6. No, don't buy an eclipse or talon. Buy a honda. There's enough ragged out DSMs in the world already.
  7. buy an e36 328i or 328is if you want basic quickness, handling and looks. then research mods, iirc one of the best basic mods for it is an s52 cam. a decent 328is (coupe) is around $4000-5000. spend the other $1000 at a shop getting the car up to date on maintenance.
    hell, you may be able to find a higher mileage e36 m3 for $6k.
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    I wouldn't get a Honda. Not because they are bad, but because you can a lot more for your money with $6k.
    You have to ask yourself what you like. What suits your personality best. Do you like compact cars, big body, long and low, etc. Once you have a better idea of what suits you best, we can help point you in the right direction.
    I'm biased so I'll say any Toyota/Lexus RWD car that can accommodate an inline 6.
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    And before you buy any car, go on the Internet and look up any issues that particular model is known to have. Then, decide if you're willing to put up with the quirks that car may have.
  10. m52 was an engine of the year during most of its initial run in the e36.
    shoddiest part of an e36? the interior.
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    E36 4door m3's are nice. I got to drive one to inspection for my boss. I reamed that thing for 2 hours straight. Id recommend op to drive one.
  12. If you have 6k do NOT waste it on a 99 civic. Those things are 15 years old and the pistons will soon rust fast to the engine block. Go out and get auto trader magazine. Or consumer's digest for cars.  Invest your 6k wisely. Good luck!
  13. No doubt I see those m3s for around 5gs with higher mileage

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  14. e36 m3 saloons are pretty dope - it would also be cool to own a piece of bmw history, the only true four door m3 sold.
    The ultimate sleeper, Dodge Colt turbo. For the money, in the states, you could probably get JDM cars with mods done. I don't know what years of car are legal there, but for 6 up here you could probably get a first gen supra done up. Type R civic all day, Skyline R33, i'm not sure about R34. Otherwise go to the mustang as mentioned earlier. parts are dime a dozen, you can probably get one modified to your taste for a good price. 
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    The first gen MK1 Supra (Celica/Supra) was introduced in the late 70's. The Supra you are referring to is the 3rd gen MKIII Supra. If OP does get one, please don't get one with the 7m motor. They are notorious for blowing headgaskets and spinning bearings. Look for a MKIII with a 1jz/2jz swap. You can find those all day long for under $6k.
  17. @[member="Scars"] That's right. My bad, the only Toyota I've ever been interested in is the Tacoma.  
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    The only reasons the 7m engines pop is because the head bolts aren't torqued to spec at the factory. Too loose. Easy preventative fix: remove valve cover, and put a torque wrench to the bolts.
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    Yes correct, factory torque specs on the 7M motor is 55 ft. lbs. The proper torque is 80 ft. lbs. Even then, they blow. A metal headgasket/ARP headbolts help with that. The factory Toyota Headbolts are TTY (torque to yield) so they stretch as they age leading to more popped HGs. But still, even after all that, the oiling system is very poorly designed. The oil pump is shimmed to a point where you get almost no oil pressure at low RPMs. That will eventually starve the engine of oil or cause bearing failure. The 7m has too many design flaws and I personally hate that engine.
  20. if its your only car and you have 6k i would not get an older "fast" car or high mileage m3, i think a civic would be a good buy for someone in a DD situation. also 6k should get you newer than a 99, my cousin just bought a 98 4door ex for 1050 so.....

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