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First Cannabutter... Check it out

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by S7Kep, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. It actually CannaEVOO lol.
    I used about 2 Grams Vaped(MFLB), .5 Gram of Stems, .5 Gram of Dank. Covered that in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and put in oven at ~335 F for about 35 minutes.

    Should I mix it with my milkshake?
    How much do you think I should mix?
    Does it look good?

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  2. I wouldn't expect much effect unless you're a placebo smoker. I use at least a quarter of dank for one stick of butter and would use more but im pretty certain when using high quality meds you've just about saturated butter at that point.

    Let us know. I love edibles.
    I have made a single cookie with 3/4 gram of dispensary hash but wasn't impressed with the " comedown".
  3. 2g of AVB and 0.5g of dank should be plenty for a single dose.

    But you seem to have used a bit too much oil OP. Next time use less and avoid olive oil if you can, it is one of the lesser oils to make edibles with. Next time use butter with the highest % of saturated fat or coconut oil.

    Did you like it? Have you decarbed your dank before you made the oil? And another tip, next time heat @ 250 for for an hour.
  4. I just used about 3/8 oz of AVB in a stick of butter, will let you know how that turned out when i eat them later tonight.
  5. Avb why not use k2 or spice? Lol....

  6. Seriously?
  7. Avb is for cigarette smokers trying to quit. Anyone who says they get high off that shit should just use ground sage.
  8. [quote name='"cobreederdude"']Avb is for cigarette smokers trying to quit. Anyone who says they get high off that shit should just use ground sage.[/quote]

    It still has a high percentage of cbds and cbns which gets you a very good body high especially if you use it for edibles
  9. So does resin but I throw it out too. It is understandable trying outside of med states . Hell I've tried it all. My tolerance is so high im going through an 1/8 to 1/4 a day now.

    I learned to grow the real Kentucky skunk in the early90's when I was a kid. Lived on tn border. Lol...
    I'd give up every plant in my garden for that cut.
  10. it's ok obviously some people are better than us because they don't use AVB...
  11. I don't know ANY "real" people who do anything with vape ash except give it to cig smokers. I'll start saving my bong trash and stems for you guys. Fuck, if Avb does the trick I'll pump my exhales into a pressurized tank for you.

    Just move to Colorado and get your damn games right.

  12. Lol you have clearly never seen what happens when you make hash oil with hexane and avb

    Im not a huge fan of it, but it produces such a couch locking, narcotic effect... not your average high, but not EVERYONE is looking to get faded smoking some weed... some people vape it as medicine and make sleepy time medicine with avb

    if you want to hate on people for what they do, go somewhere else, its not you position to tell people what to do, and how to do it.

    Oh, and just an FYI, i live in Colorado, so your theory there is flat out wrong.
  13. Uh, hexane butane uh....gross...

    Im not telling anyone what to do and don't care. You guys are the ones lying and getting high off of placebo ash. Lol!

    If you're out here and using ash you are the most petty being in the entire state.
  14. Dank ass "pickups" ...Lol....F picking up before I leave here ill be the American King of Cannabis.

  15. Um hexane, is NOT butane.... though it is a hydrocarbon... not the same thing at all

    Polar solvents, look them up. Also, look up evaporation temps of cannabinoids and how MOST people do NOT vape at a temp high enough to vape them all off (hence vaporizing produces a different high)

    If you want to argue about science and placebo effect, atleast know the science you are arguing.

    I also, never said i am making AVB oil, have i, sure i have, ive done a LOT of experimenting with extractions, have you? Sounds like you have no idea where extraction starts and ends to me. Especially if you say "hexane butane ugh" lol you CLEARLY have never have good oil...

    get off your fucking horse, and ill get off mine

  16. Lol.... you seem pretty upset about things other people do, i suggest you give that up before you end up angry at things you cant control, oh wait, you already are

    And if you want to look through my pick up thread and tell me its schwag, you are just a fool


    yea, look at that schwag man

    grow the fuck up lol you are a weed snob
  17. Nice camera. Lol.

  18. Nikon Coolpix s1, 50 dollar camera

    any other hate you need to throw out before i prove you wrong again?

    Or can you just go, you know, stop trying to tell people you are superior because you prefer x while they prefer y.....
  19. Admittedly, I am a PROUD weed snob. I've EARNED my right.

  20. So have I, fortunately for me I also understand that i dont NEED to be one. How did you earn yours... because you think hexane and butane are disgusting, admittedly, in under purged oil yes, they are, but if you are getting/making under purged oil, you have NOT earned the right to say shit

    Point being we have derailed the thread, if you dont like AVB products, dont post here. No one is forcing you to read anything, nor are they forcing you to be a snob towards other people.

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