First Canna-Autos in 4x8 Indoor Tent

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kev-Grow, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. After completing two indoor grows with Photo-Fem seeds with pretty good success, I'd like to try some autos. I have a 4x8x6.5 tent with both a Bestva 3000W LED and a Viparspectra 900LED available to use. I have 6 strains of auto seeds available. My questions are, is a 3000W LED a good fit for veg/flower in this size tent or too much? Are #5 plastic pots a good fit for autos? How many plants should I try to grow in a 4x8 tent? I'm thinking 8-12.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's advice.
  2. Having thought about it, given that an auto's life is about 3 months, I believe for a normal plant which grows at about a 90 day lifespan rate, probably 3 gallon or ten inch is about the right size. However, autos can be pushed and optimized to grow much larger, especially in good hydro. But the thing is, is bigger always better? These autos look really nice when you grow them "normally". But just about any fabric bag is a good fit for autos. Depends on grower personality. I personally use little one gallon bags, but it is not for everybody. I would say try the 3 gallon size for starters. Then if you like em bigger you can get bigger bags. It really kind of works that way with autos, since there is very little grower manipulation involved.

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