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First, but serious grow....

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by danobailey, Apr 24, 2010.

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    I really appreciate everyone who contributes to this site really educated me on what I wanted to do before I bought all my stuff.

    So basically my set-up is as follows...

    Veg Room 3x8x8 Formally my bedroom closet...
    400watt MH setup for one half and the other half is covered by t5 4ft 8tube.

    There is also a cloning area built in.

    Then I have two flower rooms
    Both are rigged identical
    the GL145 Grow Lab tent which is like 4.75'x4.75x6.5
    Lumatek 1000watt Ballast
    Magnum XXXL 6" hood
    1000watt Ushio bulbs
    6" vortex to cool the lights
    4" vortex sucking air out of the tent through 4x12 phresh filters

    So I got hooked up 30 clones from a buddy...
    15 super skunk
    15 master kush
    he also gave me two mini- mamas.....1 la confidential and 1 blackberrykush

    I am growing in soil.....1 Part Fox Farm 1 Part shredded coco 1/2 part perlite....

    For nutes im using botanicare cns17 system seems easy.....havent started yet on those

    So far i planted the rooted clones in solo cups until i figure out how many plants to flower in one room at a time....i guess it all depends on how long i veg for....i think i want to go for a SOG set up.

    Im also thinking about staggering the two rooms 4 weeks apart so i can do a harvest every month or so.....should be no problem to set that up.

    heres a picture of where I am at today
    Day 1 of veg.
    any input to help me out would be HUGE!!!!

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  2. Yea i feel super cool reply to my own post...
    anyone know if i should start nutes yet?
    When should I FIM?
  3. looks good man ill be fallowing along. id give your clones a week or two to adjust then start them on 1/4 strenghth nutes. as far as veg goes thats up to you id say go for 3ft tall plants at least before you flower but thats just my two cents.

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