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  1. so i had some extra cash in my pocket(finally), and i decided it was about time to buy a bong. i got this puppy a few weeks ago but wasnt able to break it in due to being on a forced T break. broke it in last night. shit got me lifted



    GonG, ice pinch, pretty thick glass, 1 foot tall, cost me 90 bucks. next time i go to the head shop im plannin on picking up a diffuser and maybe an attachable perk
  2. nice little go-to man. glad it got you lifted after that t break.
  3. bump. whats everyone think?
  4. nice bong +rep enjoy those bigger hits!
  5. Where did you go for that?(I am in Jersey too)
  6. i like it man. it looks reliable.
  7. i got it at village sensations in nanuet NY. really cool place and great selection. theres a head shop in montclair called the inner eye. its on bloomfield ave. idk if ur anywhere around there, but they have a decent selection(not nearly as good as village sensations) but they had some crazy shit.
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    Yea I actually heard there was a place in montclair that sells illadelphs but I havent checked it out yet. You should go down to J friendly's in Brunswick that place is fuckin amazing. The lady that owns it knows Jack Herer personally.

    Yea if I ever go up to NYC or New York I generally just go to like St Marks or somewhere else in the Village.
  9. yeah its the inner eye that sells illadelphs. they had tons of em

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