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  1. Got a good tip at work so I picked up my first bong. I think I went a little over getting a 18". Baby lungs have a hard time clearing it. 1457114882862.jpg

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  2. A water pipe in a gun safe? Not something I expected to see on this forum, but should be a safe place to keep it from getting broken. It just looks like it would take a ton of lung power.
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  3. Definitely a safe place, keeps the roomate away from my piece. And yeah it takes some good lungs to hit it. I got a long way to go

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  4. Wow, yeah for a first bong, that is a bit of a beast...I would 'suck' as hard as you can to get the smoke to the very top, then move away, catch another breath, then clear it, that way you won't hurt yourself lol ( and get a huge hit )
  5. I have a 18" i use as a daily driver lol. There's something about a big bong rip in the mornings that's so special. Anyways.. Im sure you will love it after a while, especially since no water will touch your lips! (My 18' doesn't at least) hopefully it lasts you, best of luck op

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  6. I have a Zob inline and I fucking love it. It's about that size or a little bit bigger. It has a single inline perc and bubbles like a fucking cauldron when you hit it muahahahahahahaha!

    It too is my daily driver. I'm going to give you the biggest protip of your life, magnets. Magnets you say? Ya mother fucker, magnets.....

    Take two magnets, magnet A and magnet B. Magnet A gets smashed up in to BB sized pieces and magnet B becomes the handle. Pour the pieces of magnet A into a bit of water and get them into that tree perc area. Then use magnet B as a handle and scrub the crap off of the inside walls of the tree perc and anywhere else that's hard to get to. This trick works on all sorts of pieces. It just depends on the size of the magnet pieces. I learned that it helps to have a far more powerful magnet as the handle.

    Enjoy that beaster!
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  7. [​IMG]

    Got this baby from a local head shop made by them to be my daily driver and build up some lung strength. Single inline perc and Ice catcher. I love this thing so much.

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  8. Cool zobs are good, i had one. Its a "little" broken now tho. Lol. I slammed into it and it hit the ground :( the perc broke off inside the tube . So be careful. But i think yours looks cooler than mine did.
  9. image.jpeg

    I tried to find a pic of my bong but there isn't one on my iPad so I'll have to go take one of the dirty bitch. I did however find a pic of the pound of blue dream all jarred up and ready for its new life in my home. I still have 3 large jars left and i just recently cracked the 4th....I smoked all the rest of it....mostly to my head and amongst friends :metal:

    EDIT: So how does the picture look to everyone? It did some funky shit and my iPad had a hard time, I dunno it was choking on it lol. Anyone else have issues? It looks formatted to me. Doesn't appear overly large, maybe a little big.
  10. Pic looks normal to me.
  11. Here she is, the dirty bitch, aka the bucket bitch. She goes through everything we throw at it. Mostly the doobies we roll with hash oil and keif have what's left of them ripped through her. Big billowy clouds is what this thing produces. Once you get the hang of it you won't have problems with choking. I might clean her today lol! :metal:
    image.jpg image.jpg

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