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    Hey guys, so this is my first bong and so far I love it. Got it on Ebay for 30$: 9 Inch GonG, has an ice catcher, 4 percolators. I tried smoking out of it and got high as ever. 
    So far I am happy with it, but since I know nothing about bongs I was wondering if this is okay for my first bong?
    Also, I wanted to buy an ash catcher for it and didn't know if this one will work okay
    Lastly, if i get an ash catcher how do I find a new down stem that will fit?


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  2. Wow I really like it! I love the faded in Bob Marley picture and with that price it's always nice to get a percolator. It looks small and easy to stash away, great choice!

    The one problem is that it looks like your drinking bong water if you pull too hard on that with water in the percolators. 

    For the ashcatcher you have to find out what size opening the joint of your bong is. There are usually 2 standard sizes, 14.4mm and 18.8mm, the ashcatcher you are looking at is 14.4. I am not sure on your bong but because it's small I would put money on it also being a 14.4. The problem also is because your bong is so small the weight of the ashcatcher if it is too big can knock the bong over. I honestly think your best bet is to go to a local head shop with your bong and find one that would fit.
  3. I can tell by the pic that your bong is a 14mm. You don't need a new downstem when you get an ash catcher. But Get one that has a 14mm male and female joint. So you can keep using the slide you have. Not a bad starter bong. Unique.

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  4. Not bad for a first purchase, kinda reminds me of my first glass which was also a non-brand beaker bottom. Good old days when this hobby didn't cost me a fortune lol.

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