first bong/water pipe and idk where to go

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  1. Hello, i'm new to this site and I'm about to get my check and I would like to get my first bong with it. But my check is only gonna be around 200 bucks so I don't want to use it all on one thing. so I've been searching the forms about what is the best thing to get for a decent amount of money. I'm willing to spend up to $80 (maybe more) and I'm looking for something around or under 12 inches and i've been looking at pipesdaddy and they seem to be decent but almost all of them have at least one review about getting the glass pipes broken.
    Any thoughts and/or suggestions? Please and thank you for your help.

  2. thanks @[member="NCwhiteboy"] I'll keep them in mind  :smoke:
  3. just like the guy above me said. go with hvy or custom creations. both exelent brands no chinese shit.
    heres one thats worked nd $75

    if u dont want a tiny bong u can get a custom creations for 60 ehich is also really nice for the price. nd non chinese

    out of those 3 i wud personally go with the beaker curved
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    Thanks @[member="xxOgKushxx"]
    I'm really liking those beaker bottoms and those aren't bad price wise for 14" 
    I'm really eyeing the first beaker but i'm still open for suggestions  :bongin:
  5. bump still open for suggestions  :hello:
  6. Update
    I think I might get one of these one two
    What do you guys think?
  7. Go to a local head shop and see them in person, get a feel for them and actually look at the quality of the glass. I'd recommend that over the internet.

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  8. I was going to do that too just to see what deals the locals had but I wanted some opinions of more experienced people. So i can cover all my bases  :smoke:
  9. Is this going to be your first piece?

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  10. I have a spoon and a one hitter. But this would be my first big piece.
  11. If I were you I would wait another week or 2 and save up like 150 or so. You can get a really nice bong for that price.

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  12. I'm getting $200 and i live in a pretty small place so that's why I'm looking for just a simple and affordable one. But no acrylic cuz those smell like bong water after like a month. (my friend has one) 

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