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  1. I've been looking around for a first bong, and so far the best one I could find after doing a little bit of research on the different brands was this:


    the EHLE Glass Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot), 500ml. I know some of you don't like EHLE, but it's not china glass and affordable compared to Roor. It doesn't come with a diffuser, so I think I'm going to add that and a CF. The Bong itself is $79, and with the CF it should be around $100. Is this a good purchase, or is there a better quality bong for the money?
  2. aaawww MAN that looks lovely!!
  3. looks good to me man...thats a good bong for the price
  4. For $100, that is a solid choice. Simple, easy to clean, and sturdy.
  5. Nice choice. Add the diffuser and you're good to go. :bongin:
  6. Don't forget about the shipping costs. So you will need a little more than $100.
  7. Thats dopé man if u have money i sugust à pré cooler/ ash catcher there the Same thing if u didnt no, the reson for this is Its an extra perk and it help keep the bong clean

  8. Fixed.

    And he's already getting a carbon filter so he wouldn't really need an ashcatcher unless he wanted a little more cool smoke.
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    OP, thats a damn fine piece you're considering there......Ok maybe I'm biased because I own one and it's my daily driver. I also have a carbon filter adapter on it and let me tell you it does a fantastic job of filtering the smoke, and keeping the attachments below it clean. All you need now is a diffuser. I can recommed the Ehle diffuser because it does a great job, but Roor, US Tubes and Alex K downstems are known to also be of high quality.

    ETA: And to answer your question: No I don't think there is a single better bong out there for the money. The only thing close would be a HVY straight tube.
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    Ya thats cool if you're fine without a percolator in the tube because when you want you can always add a diffuser downstem and an inexpensive diffuser ash catcher to add to the size, chamber space, and get bigger smoother hits being that that tube looks like its on the smaller side. You'll be set. If it were me and i could only get the bong, I would definitely try to add an inexpensive diffuser downstem to my order with the bong. it makes a noticeable difference, but make sure you get the right diffuser downstem gauge and length which should be on the specs. g'luck n post some milk

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