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    Hey guys, this is my first grow ever and I'm very excited to learn about the whole process. My friend had a closet grow going on, 8 plants. Apparently he just didn't give a fuck, the plants were in way too small of pots and where turning yellow. They needed bigger pots, better soil, and nutrients. fast. I convinced him that I knew more than him (hehehe, no I just care and am willing to take the time to do it right;)) and he let me take the plants.

    I had put the plants in a temporary spot until payday and went out and bought large pots, 20-20-20 nutes, and lots of potting soil. I have recently just moved the plants to their new location and given them their first shot of nutes. I'm going to check on the plants tomorrow and I will be posting more photos as well.


    Temporary spot until I found a real spot, they were here for 3 days.

    Look at the size of the pots....They also look very neglected, not just from the yellow leaves but the dirt and stuff as well. Oh well, I will revive them :hello: With the help of the GC blades of course lol.

    This is one of the "Bigger" pots :eek: Look at the yellow leaves :(

    These ones don't look so bad...

    This should give the plants a good kick and turn those leaves green!

    Good potting soil? Yes please. This should keep them happy as well :D

    I will be posting more photos tomorrow of them in the new spot. I moved them there the other day and fed them all nutes as well, they are also in big black pots, I believe they are 5 gallon pots, no more starving these roots of space to grow. Lets give them room to grow everywhere!:p I forgot to bring my camera when I moved them but I will be sure to get photos next time!

    As you guys can see by my enthusiasm and my commitment to this hopefully it pays off, I hope that you guys could help me out as well and post in here if I come into any issues. Any posts would be great and I am a very open to others opinions, so please comment away. Also, a simple "Nice plants" or something would suffice. (that is when they actually do become nice looking plants:smoke:)

    When should I give this plants nutrients again?

    Peace and Puff on.
  2. considering they don't have very much time to veg you could probably just put them in 1-2 gallon pots
  3. No, they are not dead. Just very very neglected and not very healthy. I checked on them today, the pots are still a little moist so I'm going to hold off on watering them for a day or so, I will check tomorrow and water them. Do you think I should give them another shot of Nutes just in case? I don't want to use too much but they could need it.

    Here's some photos, let me know if you think they'll succeed at all.
    "The Spot"

    Yay bigger pots:hello:

    Now only the tips of the leaves on this one are yellow, the nutes are working!:)

    Yuk, yellowwww.

    [​IMG]Yellow and brown :mad: Hopefully I can still manage to save this one though

    Little baby plant:smoke: Little bit of yellow

  4. nah, i sugest u dont, just make sure the soil stays moist, and they dont dry out.. theyre still young, they just look alittle sun depraved. Give them about a week, and u should see the plant getting stronger, if not, then give them another round of nutes, im on my second grow.. previous grow got messed up with the over feeding of nutes.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I wont give them another shot of nutes then. I will give it to them on Tuesday, exactly a week from when I gave them their first shot. Aren't I supposed to let the soil get dry on the first say 3 inches of soil, then water them?
  6. Does anyone else have any opinions on these as well? Any help will be appreciated, if I need to buy something I will buy it. I am very committed and dedicated as well as serious about fixing the previous mistakes made. Thanks for looking.
  7. Sounds good to me, u should get a water regime going. like water everydays @ whatever time, or water every other day.
  8. I heard that every 3 days is probably good enough, no? The only obstacle I have is work so it does limit my ability a bit. Doesn't change my dedication and determination though
  9. keep it simple. stick with just thepotting soil until they are at least 2 feet tall. THEN maybe feed lightly and see how they react. dont let the soil dry out completely but let it get a breather in btween waterings. besides that assuming pests arent an issue , LEAVE EM BE
  10. they all look like they have a pH issue, or they are nute burnt to me. also, when did you start them? props for getting something going this season!
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    That's the thing, I don't know when they where started. I acquired them from my friend last week. I don't think it is nute burn though, because my friend said he didn't use any nutes to begin with... I guess I have to buy a PH checker, what do I use if the PH is too low or the PH is too high? Is there another product I must buy?

    EDIT: I guess I was wrong, he used "Growzyme" it's a Hygrozyme, I have no idea what it does. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm going to do a quick google search around. Do you think the Yellowing could be due to over fertilizing rather than under fertilizing? What should I do if it is that way? Just water the plants way more than usual to flush it out? How can I know if it's due to over fertilizing or due to under fertilizing?

    Thanks for the responses.

    EDIT EDIT: Just got back from watering them, they went through about 48-50L of water. Really strenuous when I have only 1 18L jug of water, I gotta go home and fill it each time, takes just under 3 to water them. I'm really gunna have to buy a few more of these haha. Damn they're expensive too :(
  12. Anyone got any advice they could give me about my recent problems and questions?

    Thanks, Zune.
  13. 3 days should be fine, apply nutes in small amounts once it buds still mix some nute mix with your bud mix.
  14. Use a milk jug brotha.
  15. Btw, i would try n just water them to see what that does for 2 weeks.

  16. Milk jug for what? Water? I really don't believe that a 4L milk jug will be able to water my plants much. I may as well stick to grabbing a bunch of 18L water bottles. I will give the plants a strict water only schedule for 2 weeks like you have advised.

    Thanks for the help doobiesnacks:cool:
  17. I've been feeding them all water the last week and the leaves seem to be dying even more, a few are fully brown :mad: Help please!!!
  18. BUMP, Same problem...I'm scared :(!!!

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