First attempt at DWC!

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  1. My setup is:
    4x4x1.5 ft dresser
    5g bucket with netpop
    2g bucket (made hole for netpop)
    2 line air pump
    2 air stones
    24in fluorescent lighting &
    120v flood light

    I also have two different seedlings in the same grow space but in soil. These two are the I'm using the flood light for...

    I'm told I won't need nutrients till about week 2 which is good because I don't have the funds right now. Lol

    All I do have is PH down and some superthrive. When I do get the money I plan on buying a trimeter, reflective material and nutrients.

    any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm thinking I might be trying to grow too many plants in one area... Any suggestions on what kind of nutrients a newb should invest in?[​IMG][/IMG]
  2. wats up man...ok heres the deal. cfls are definately a cheap and efficient way to go for vegging, but the downside is how many u have to use to get the light intensity needed for vigorous growth. Position ur buckets and pots in the way u will recieve the most efficient light to plant ratio. U are probably wanna go to home depot or walmart or something and buy some more cfls. 2700K day time are best for veg.and get sum mylar or panda film on those walls!! also as for nutrients for ur first attempt ur not gonna wanna go and buy top shelf nutes. ur looking for good results for fairly cheap prices. General hydroponics is very fairly priced and results are great. its all i have been running for the last couple years. its also very forgiving which is useful to u being a new grower
  3. 2700k... How much do those normally go for? I need to learn some of this lingo lol Which specific nutes from GH would you suggest exactly? Thanks a lot g!
  4. lol np. they go for abt 10 bucks for a pack of 4 lights. they will say the rated output of suggested lumens on the box. the gh 3 part flora series. flora grow,flora micro,and flora bloom.if u want to add an additive u could use liquid kool bloom. but this is a very simple system and u can achieve very very good results.
  5. Good lookin out. One last question... So the flora series would be the nutes. But what do you mean by additives?
  6. by additives i mean any boosters or any added suplement outside the 3 part feeding program. for example liquid kool bloom is used during the flowering stage to promote bigger more flavorful buds. and the flora series is def the way i would go man

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