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  1. I've been seeing a lot of ppl make mention of the firefly in the numerous "which vape should i get" threads and yesterday i came across a new video from vapelife will with his review of it. Hope it helps 

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    My first impressions.

    Big, ugly as Hell and cheesy-looking.

    Edit: My second impression. Weak-ass hits. His comments (and I respect/like VapeLife) of the "good flavor", leads me to believe... its a pretty low temp vape, as he's made the comment more than once. Higher temp vaping, is going to drastically drop, in quality of flavor after the 1st good rip.
    From many of those that have the FF over at FC, they say that it definitely has a learning curve, but once you get it down, it can compete with the best portables on the market in regards to vapor production and taste and that it can get up to combustion temps.
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    It's all in the eyes of the beholder.    It kinda has a 1950's retro look to it.   I like it, but then, I'm an old fart who remembers the '50s.  
  5. OK...

    So, it's still ugly as sin and big. Still looks like something that would grab the attention of anyone that just caught a glimpse out the corner of their eye... leading to unwanted question and at $300 isn't a competitor for any portable vape needs, I might have. Can do the same, or better for a 1/3 the price.
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    For anyone interested in getting more info on this vape, here is a 52 page thread on it with numerous comparative reviews from users who own some of the most popular portables on the market including the FireFly as well as schematics, video's and questions answered by the manufacturer:
    I know BDV, you kinda hate when I do this, but it's just offering up a place for people to get more info if they're really interested in it.
  7. I'm surprised how many impressions/assumptions you are able to make without every using the device...

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    Why are you surprised?    One can have an impression or make an assumption without ever using a device.    Case in point:    My impression of a Ferrari is that it is a fast car and I've never drove one.    My impression and assumption is that the PAX is a weed hog as compared to some other vapes on the market and I've never used one.  In both of these examples, I would have no problem in betting my last dollar that I am correct.
  9. I'll let you know when it gets delivered..

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  10. Why surprised? For anyone that's been vaping for any amount of time, with an assortment of different vapes AND with the information supplied, making those calls isn't that hard.

    Its called observations based on experience.

    Don't make this personal.

    "Big" it is, compared to other portable vapes (and HEAVY too). "Ugly" and "cheesy-looking" are subjective, so I wouldn't comment on those, except to say that it is not "cheesy" as far as build quality is concerned. It is very solid and well built.
    Definitely a learning curve, but I concur that it can compete with the best on the market. I would say vapor production rivals the Solo.
    It definitely would grab attention if you used it in public. For "visual stealth" it fails.
    It shines in two other stealth categories: smell and speed.
    It is the fastest portable I know of, being capable of vapor production within seconds of depressing the button. Yes it is weak at first, but even the first hit can deliver impressive clouds, with each successive hit getting stronger. It extracts pretty well also, but may require some stirring for optimal extraction.
    There is no odor from the device when it is in use. The load is not constantly being heated. There is a moderate odor associated with its use if you open the unit after vaping, while it is still warm. This is not while being used though.
  12. To each his own.

    I'll stand by my opinion and observations.

    You all are entitled to feel and/or express how you feel about that, until the cows come home. Debating me, on my observations of big, ugly, whatever... pointless.

    Enjoy your vape.
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    :poke:....You're wrong and I'm right.   It's always been that way and it will always be that way, so deal with it.  ......... B)
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    I was talking more about the "weak ass hits." Your "observation"/opinion was based on a video on someone else hitting the vape with their own personal style. Your experience is with completely different units. But idk why I'm even defending it, vape whatever you want.
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    In other words... I really couldn't give two shits.

    I figured you might get it, my last response, where it could have just been left to lie, die... a slow death. No one, would care...

    You getting it yet?
  16. Pretty good video, although if he talked a bit faster he would save us 5+ minutes :)
  17. Let's keep on topic please. 
  18. I personally wouldn't want it because you can't vape bong. And that, dear friends, is something beautiful.

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