Firefly or Crafty?

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  1. I"m buying a new portable and I've narrowed it down to the Crafty or Firefly. Any suggestions? Are both pure convection? Price isn't an issue here. I just want the best quality vape.

    Neither one is pure convection.  
    Regarding deciding between the two, I see it as this.   If you want a vape to use when you're out and about, get the Crafty.   If you want a home vape that doesn't tether you to an AC cord, get the Mighty.
  3. But how about choosing between the Firefly and the Crafty?
    lol...........damn, I totally misread that.   Sorry.........
    The Firefly is pure convection with the ability to instantly apply and remove the heat.    The Crafty is not nor can it instantly apply and remove the heat.  
    There are many over at FC that own both and it seems that the general consensus is that while the FireFly is a bit more efficient as well as tasting better, most prefer the Crafty, but that could also be the "new vaporizer syndrome" at play here.
  5. I agree mostly with the sentiment over at FC about the two. The firefly has slightly better flavor and is slightly more efficient but the crafty/mighty are a lot easier to use and the mighty has a lot more battery life than the firefly. They are some of the best portables on the market right now.
  6. I think its worth noting that the firefly has been out for awhile, so you know what youre getting. The crafty and mighty are still pretty new so we dont know if theyll have common problems in a couple months.
  7. I think you could feel safe that Storz & Bickel will honor the warranty on the crafty (and all their products) without any problem. I'd go with the crafty, the thing is a beast.
  8. If I had the cash to get another portable it would be the firefly over the crafty. I like the manual temp control, and it's supposed to have one of the best flavors in a portable on the market.
  9. This isn't even close.

    If money is no object, then the Crafty is your vape. The vapor it produces is similar to a good home unit.

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  10. I'd go with Firefly. It is simply gorgeous. Cleaning and maintaining is as easy as pie and the vapor is cooler and smoother. 
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    You checked you the Elevape Smart Vape? It is convection like the FF but has some tech. features like the Crafty.
  12. FireFly does not even work well, the thing weighs a ton, a battery that is only 700mah, and only one temperature control. If you think brick phones are portable, then this device is for you lol. 
    Anyways, I really dont like this vape at all.
    Crafty vaporizer ANY day... 
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    I haven't used either vape, but I checked out the Firefly recently. It's a little longer than my Droid phone, a bit narrower, a little thicker, and about twice as heavy at 278 grams (that's almost triple the weight of my Proto Pipe and about twice that of the Crafty). It's definitely made well, and it feels like the solid chunk of metal that it is, but the extra mass might put some people off. I'm very interested in the Crafty, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a selling point that would justify the $140 price difference for me especially since it looks like it got beaten with an ugly stick. The Firefly could pass for a cell phone from a distance, at least until you start sucking on it.
  14. For me, the Crafty has too much conduction going on as compared to the FF so I'd pick the FF, but in the upper tier of of battery operated vapes, I'd go with the MiniVap over either one.

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