Fired without reason.

Discussion in 'General' started by UNAB0MB3R, May 21, 2010.

  1. So today i was woken up with a call from my job saying that I was terminated effective immediately. When I asked why they simply stated I was still on my probationary period and they didnt need a reason. It was really was a dream job, I was flair bartending at a brand new classy lounge making absolutely insane amounts of money, and having alot of fun while I did it.

    Its more a slap in the face because they couldnt even give me a reason. I worked hard for them, and I had alot of customers that would come in to see me. Fuck, back to the clubs I go I guess :(
  2. That's rough yo, sorry to hear, smoke a bowl you'll feel better.
  3. Thats the plan, Im glad its may 24. A weekend of partying hard should help numb the pain.
  4. Everything happens for a reason, or so they say.
  5. That is bullshit.

    My condolences sir. Employers can be such assholes sometimes.
  6. I can help you burn it down if that would make you feel better.
  7. blame it on the economy :eek:
  8. dude that blows. that happened to me last year, but with an extrodinary shitty job. losing your job always sucks ass.
  9. Yeah man, I just want to know why. Never one late, Never one sick day, Never one disgruntled customer, Never one complaint, I was damn good at flair, and I got along with everyone.
  10. Bartending cruise ships...Thats how im going to top this. I may know some people that can get my foot in the door, but if not wish me luck. One step backwards two steps forward, thats the way its gotta be.
  11. Bartending on Cruise ships? thatd be sick. You could rage with either elderly retirees or toddlers on the Nickelodeon Cruise ship.:metal:
  12. yea man, go for it! the guy that recorded my band's album plays drums (or used to, anyway) on cruise ships. i've always wanted that gig, even if i only do it once. i don't even care much about the money, i just want to have a free cruise and get to play drums! haha
  13. Yeah man, it would be a sick gig. The only problem I can forsee is im only 19, If the cruise line is based in the US you may have to be 21 to serve alcohol on it. Oh well a few calls tomorrow and I should know a little more.
  14. Sadly this is a common form of worker exploitation.

    Hire from probationary period, terminate before probationary period ends, avoid paying all sorts of benefits, unemployment taxes, etc.
  15. you either fucked up or, they layed you off because they needed to let someone go.

    no business just hires and fires like that, it costs money to train someone, where as it costs nothing to fire someone. apparently many business' have to jump through many hoops to fire someone as well.

    did you accidentally fuck something up? if not it looks like you just got unlucky or werent up to snuff or something man. if its totally not your fault and they dont need to let anyone go then they are a bunch of fucking pricks.
  16. Its 21 to pour 18 to serve.


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