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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by roller02, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So I have a couple questions about firecrackers.

    1. How many do you have to eat to get pretty high if you put 0.5 on each cracker?

    2. How long will the oven smell after cooking them?


  2. 1. about 2. Just put a gram in and get BAKED

    2. 10-25 minutes if you have a well ventilated room. Doesn't really smell like tree though, if it does then the smell of peanut butter would mask the scent
  3. yeah what that person said. they are one of my fave things. if you really want to chill out. as long as you have no where to go ill warn ya(even a seasoned pot-head would have trouble) any way if you have the weed and dont need to conserve it. put about two grams on two crackers. eat one then wait 30 mins to an hour then eat the other one. then smoke a couple bols and wait. you think its not working til its too late lol. honestly that the only time i could not walkl in walmart. and i can handle myself thats no prob. but i will warn you you will go to a doferant world for a few hours. and make sure to look at your self in a mirror. you'll get a kick out of that. :) well time to go smokis pokis.
  4. i like you quote lol
  5. Yep. Like everyone else said. .5 - 1.0 gram will do the trick nicely. So one or two firecrackers.

    The smell doesn't smell like bud, it smells more like cooking/toasting peanutbutter with a little hint to something extra to it. If you cook it, and even if your parents did smell it, I dont think they'd think anything suspicious.
  6. Thanks for the legit answers guys.

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