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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Ripsta, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. ive tried these several times, i always use real fatty peanut better and do it exactly az tha recipe says...i use about 1 gram in each one..and i never get any effect

    so tonight i said fuck it and i baked myself 2 firecrackers each one has 5grams chopped up :D

    just ate both so thats 10grams of bud taken in...pretty high as i just had a couple cones also

    im hoping these will work ~ will post results in a couple hr
  2. fuk im wasted az atm lol
  3. holy shit 10 grams, 1/2 gram of dank gave me a great buzz for a few hours. And I couldn't imagine eating 10 grams of weed, shit is NASTY. I could barely eat 1/2 gram.
  4. holy crap you are gunna have the trip of a life time! can you green out from edibles?
  5. woa woa woa, u ate 10 grams of weed, and cones? and your wasted? fuckkkk
  6. I think he probably was fuckin' spinnin'.
  7. dam u took it at around 3 30am? fuckin nuts... well depends if ur in my time zone.. but anywho u must have been on mars....dam i want some firecrackers, i never had any
  8. You should do it.

    It's pretty rad.
  9. Must be like 10 grams of shitty stuff then. Do it with dank shit, headies. Also I eat bud by the pound straight from bag.
  10. hahahahah! Holy shit! 10 grams! That's like 20 joints. Did you just sleep for days?
  11. is the high different from smokin...?...or is it similar...
  12. Intensely body no matter what type of weed it is.

    And it lasts much longer and feels different than a smoke.
  13. i was actually plannin on doin this tomorrow cuz my friend is havin a mardi gras party...i dont know wat to expect so ill cut back on the drinkin... thnx for the info my good man ;)
  14. It's a little more body...but for me it's not INTENSELY body. I felt like I was floating for like half an hour but otherwise I thought it was mental

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