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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MacGyverGirl, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. #1 MacGyverGirl, Jan 5, 2013
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    Ill be making firecrackers for the first time tonight. I'm hoping they won't stink up the toaster oven. My roomate's room is RIGHT next to our kitchen and even though I'm a medical user, she still hates the smell of it. :/ Luckily I'm moving hopefully soon. I'll come back and post when I start making them, when I eat them, and when/if they kick in. I've always had horrible luck with canna caps so I'm hoping this edible works. Wish me luck!
  2. Good Luck!!
  3. I wish my roomate would go to bed already -.- I have to wait until they're asleep since it'll hopefully air out before they're awake because I don't need them smellif anything, tho I've heard they don't smell much. (They only sleep 4 hours for some damn reason)

    I may wait until morning to eat them. I've heard eating them on an empty stomach works better?..
  4. Same situation with me, I live with my mom and always wait until she's asleep to make firecrackers or smoke. So I'm sitting here waiting with you :p

    I heard they are better on an empty stomach as well.

  5. Coolio :D

    They're still not to bed yet -.- And I think I'll eat them for breakfast tomorrow. I hope they work :D I want to get baked!
  6. Popped in the oven! I've decided to let them sit for the night and eat them tomorrow
  7. They're out and cooling. Breakfast here I come! Cant wait! 11 hours to paradise!
  8. Eating now! I'll be back in about 2 hours to report if they worked.
  9. #9 MacGyverGirl, Jan 5, 2013
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    Almost done with the first one. I have nothing to drink and two more to eat :/

    Edit: second done. Bleck. One more to go and water here I come.
  10. Last one down. I feel like puking. Water here I come.
  11. Officially consumed and hydrated. See you in an hour or two!
  12. Watching The Breakfast Club while I wait. Hehe.
  13. By the time I get back from lunch (1-1:30) one of two things will have happened:

    - You will be ripped out of your mind

    - There will be little or no effect

    Good luck! :D
  14. Let's hope the first one. Lol ^__^
  15. One hour down. One to go. I wonder if moving around or exercise will speed it up.
  16. Half an hour left until it hits the 2 hour mark. I'm worrried they don't work.
  17. Come on! WORKK!!
  18. 2 hours up. Nothing yet. SOS. :c
  19. I think maybe I'm feeling something?
  20. Barely a buzz

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