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Firecracker's with GF

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dottedpanda, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Aight so i have been trying to smoke my gf up for ages and on V-day she agreed to make firecrackers. However I want her to feel the effects, do firecrackers really, really hit that hard. I mean normally i can pack two bowls in my bong and be fucked so how comparable is eating like two firecrackers with that recipe posted at the top of this forum?
  2. Why don't you just make one yourself and see how hard it hits? That way, you can use more or less weed next time according to how high you want to get.
  3. i never understood why people who won't smoke weed will so readily eat it, even though the effects are MUCH stronger

  4. bc smokes hurts virgin lungs. =O:hello::hello: Edibles are super fun though. I havent had any since like last year at lunch when this chick just whipped em out and gave me 4 brownies..... I was completely GONE in Pyschology,english,math, and law studies. lol best day at school in a while.

  5. It's the whole social stigma surrounding smoking. When non-smokers (weed) think about smoking, they subconciously (sp?) relate it with the typical dumbass stoner who can't remember anything and coughs after running 20 yards. Just the fact that it is being consumed differently makes a huge difference for some people.

  6. Well yeah the guy above me said it, cause it doesn't hurt. But you say the effects are much stronger?

    P.S. I have been smoking weed for three years now so i have gone through quite a bit of weed. I have never had the balls to eat it though, cause i am always to worried i will fuck it up and waste a ton of weed, and i have been told that it doesn't get you as high
  7. Haha, I've been there. Actually it was just a few weeks ago. My girlfriend and I made some brownies and she ate one and loved it. Then we ended up smoking a blunt and a joint. Now I have to support both our smoking habits. :(

  8. If you throw about a gram on a firecracker you will have a strong high, as well as a long high. Trust me on this one. It'll take a while for it to kick in, but you will be loving life, haha.
  9. I think it will be easier to convince her to smoke my bong if she is high off the firecracker, so maybe i will be able to get her to smoke after all.
  10. I've found, that at least my girlfriend, prefers blunts to a bong. The first time she smoked she tried a bong and she hated it. The second time was when she smoked the blunt with me and she loved it because it "tasted like watermelon."
  11. Really? The smoke from bongs is way easier to handle for me and it doesn't hurt as much. SO she loved the blunt you think i should smoke a blunt or a bong with her then?
  12. Well it really depends. My girlfriend only liked the blunt because she liked the taste of it and hated the taste of the smoke from the bong. I'm guessing she hated the bong just because it gave such big hits and she couldn't handle them being a first time smoker. I would say go with a blunt if she even wants to smoke at all. I was happy just making and eating the brownies with my girlfriend and when she said she wanted to smoke the blunt I was like :eek:
  13. If your gf tries firecrackers and has never smoked before, then she's going to feel it

    That being said, smoking is more enjoyable for the first experience
  14. Also, to the OP, I would definitely recommend just smoking a blunt or a J with her. You want her, especially since she's your girl, to enjoy her first time and a bong could be too much for her. A blunt or a J is easier to hit for a first-timer, that is if she even wants to smoke.
  15. K K good input yeah i think i will roll a blunt for her. I am going to go and get some of those grape blunt wraps
  16. That'd be like taking your girlfriend out drinking for her first time, and doing a 21 run. Crazy man. I would stick to the smoking, have her hit a bong with ice if she's worried about coughing, but don't give her edibles if she's never experienced the feeling of being high, she'll probably freak out... not to mention it lasts the entirefuckingday.

    Anyways, just my two cents.
  17. Really? what the fuck okay let me just get a comparison

    lets say i put one gram of weed on a fire cracker how would that compare to smoking a gram of weed out of a bong?
  18. for one, she would utilize all the weed, where she might cough out a bunch of bong hits and waste them. smoking a g in a bong will get her high faster, but eating a firecracker would last much longer once it sets in. The only problem with firecrackers is that if she isnt patient enough for it to kick in she could get very negative ebcause she might think that it isn't going to work. I know a bunch of my friends complained that they werent getting high after like2 hits and it ruined their night because they were in such a negative mindset. id definitely not go with a bong because it would be way too much for her. just go with a blunt or 2 and tell her to just take small hits. if its 2 people passing a blunt then she will still get plenty of hits and she wont cough. Then again if firecrackers are the only way you can introduce her to weed then i would do that since at least shes trying it and may be willing to smoke later on.

  19. Firecrackers = roofy?
  20. Don't worry about it. My girlfriend got high for the first time off of edibles and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I'd say go with a firecracker and then if she wants to smoke go with a blunt(in a flavor you know that she'll like).

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